Little Esther & Related Artists

The book included Little Esther with several other artists as well as two Federal releases under her name connecting her to different groups as BB.  Unless noted, scans were found for accurate accreditation.


Johnny Otis Orchestra (w Mel Walker & Little Esther) – I Dream, ’50 (Regent 1036)

Johnny Otis Orchestra – Hangover Blues, ’50 (Regent 1036)


Johnny Otis Quintette (Vocals by The Robins & Little Esther) – Double Crossing Blues, ’50 (Savoy 731) (Flip is ‘Ain’t Nothing Shakin’’ by Leon Sims (w Johnny Otis Orchestra))


Little Esther (w Mel Walker) (Acc The Johnny Otis Orchestra) – Mistrustin’ Blues, ’50 (Savoy 735)

Little Esther (w The Johnny Otis Orchestra) – Misery, ’50 (Savoy 735)


Little Esther (w the Johnny Otis Orchestra & The Beltones) – Just Cant Get Free, ’50 (Savoy 750) (Not in book.)

Little Esther (& Mel Walker w Johnny Otis Orchestra – Cupid’s Boogie, ’50 (Savoy 750) (Not in book.)


Little Esther & Mel Walker (w Johnny Otis Orch) – Deceivin’ Blues, ’50 (Savoy 759)

Little Esther (w Johnny Otis Orch) – Lost Dream Blues, ’50 (Savoy 759)


Little Esther & Junior (w Johnny Otis Orch) – Get Together Blues, ’51 (Savoy 824) (A-side flip is ‘Chittlin’ Switch’ and credited as Johnny Otis Orch-Vocals by The Vocaleers (LA))


Little Esther & The Dominoes (w Earle Warren Orchestra) – The Deacon Moves In, ’51 (Federal 12016)

Little Esther (w Earle Warren Orchestra) – Other Lips, Other Arms, ’51 (Federal 12016)


Little Esther & The Dominoes (w Earle Warren Orch) – Heart To Heart, ’51 (Federal 12036) (Also under Little Esther (BB Dominoes))

Little Esther (w Earle Warren Orch) – Lookin’ For A Man (To Satisfy My Soul), ’51 (Federal 12036) (Also under Little Esther (BB Dominoes))



Federal 12100 and Federal 12122 were also listed under Bobby Nunn (BB Robins)

Little Esther – Mainliner, ’52 (Federal 12100)

Little Esther & Bobby Nunn – Saturday Night Daddy, ’52 (Federal 12100)


Little Esther – Street Lights, ’53 (Federal 12122)

Little Esther & Bobby Nunn – You Took My Love Too Fast, ’53 (Federal 12122)


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