Lincoln Chase

Lincoln Chase

– Loved One/ I Do Believe, ’52 (Decca 48270)

– I’ll Never Stop Loving You/ Sunset Harmonizers, ’52 (Decca 48486)

– The Vulture Song/ I’ve Got You Under My Skin, ’53 (RCA 47-5173)


Lincoln Chase’s early 50s releases for Decca and RCA are not in the doowop genre and omitted in the book.  I have not heard many of his releases after 1955 which the book did not include, but have included them in this post.  Many are novelty.


Lincoln Chase & The Sandmen (NY) – That’s All I Need/ The Message, ’55 (Columbia 40475)


Lincoln Chase (The 4 Most & Mat Mathews Quintet) – Watch My Smoke (And Fan My Fire) / If I Were A Countryside, ’56 (Dawn 217)


Lincoln Chase (w The 4 Most & Mat Mathews’ Quintet) – (In The Land Of) The Papawhos, ’56 (Dawn 230)

Lincoln Chase – Our Love Is Satisfactory, ’56 (Dawn 230)


Lincoln Chase

– She Walked Me By/ The Love I Have For You, ’56 (Dawn 221)

– You And I And Love/ You Are A Poem, Baby, 56 (Dawn 226)

– Johnny Klingeringding/ You’re Driving Me Crazy, ’57 (Liberty 55074)

– Naturally I’m Yours/ Save The Last Dance For Me, 57 (Liberty 55080)


Lincoln Chase (w Billy Mure’s Medicine Men) – Deep In The Jungle (Part I)/ Deep In The Jungle (Part II), ’59 (Splash 802)


Lincoln Chase

– Miss Orangatang/ Walkin’ Slowly, ‘ 60 (Columbia 41914)

– Let’s Get To Lovin’/ Do I Worry?, ’61 (Columbia 42051)

– Sweet Torture/ I Just Couldn’t Say Goodbye, ’62 (Swan 4120)


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