Only Josie #795 (released as the Limelighters (Bronx)) and as the Four Blades and Bearcats (Rama-Lama Ding Dong) titles were included in the Book.  See Marv Goldberg’s Limelighters discography for further information.)


Limelighters (Bronx)

– Cabin Hideaway/ My Sweet Norma Lee, ’56 (Josie 795)

– Steedoo [sic] (Track 7)/ The Magic Touch (Track 8), ‘56 (Today’s 1910) (Not in book.)


Limelighters (Bronx) as The Four Blades (w Herbie Layne’s Band) – I Want You To Be My Girl, ’56 (Gateway 1170B)


Limelighters (Bronx) as The Four Blades (w Lindsey Powers Combo) – Church Bells May Ring, ’56 (Gateway 1174A)


Limelighters (Bronx) as Bearcats – Rama-Lama Ding Dong, ’91 (Bravo EP 70-2)

(See the comments on (  The pace is fast on the EP with the lead and background vocals like all other Limelighters releases.  Rama-Lama Ding Dong is not included in Marv Goldberg’s Limelighters discography.)



Limelighters (Unknown Group-Origin) (Guitar-Billy Davis Orch) – This Lonely Boy/ Sister Sooky Comes Home, ’57 (Gilco 213)


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