Legends Groups

Legends (NY)

– I’ll Never Fall In Love Again/ The Eyes Of An Angel, ’57 (Melba 109)

– The Legend Of Love/ Now I’m Telling You, ’58 (Hull 727)



Legends (Houston TX) (Billy Davis & The) – Spunky Onions/ Goodbye Jesse, ’60 (Peacock 1694)

(Other than a couple of ‘shout outs’, the a-side is instrumental.  The b-side is dedicated to Jesse Belvin.)



Legends (Hollywood Label) – Get Out Of The House/ You Little Nothing, ’61 (Magenta 02)



Legends (Milwaukee)

– Lariat/ Gail, ’61 (Key 1002 & Ermine 41, ’62) {I} (Ermine 41 was not listed in book.)

– My Love For You/ Say Mama, ’62 (Ermine 39)

– Bop-A-Lena/ I Wish I Knew, ’62 (Ermine 43)

– Temptation/ Marionette, ’62 (Ermine 45)

– Run To The Movies/ Summertime Blues, ’63 (Capitol 5014)

Here Comes The Pain/ Don’t Be Ashamed, ’64 (Warner Bros 5457)

– Just In Case/ If I Only Had Her Back, ’65 (Parrot (Milwaukee) 45010) (Not in book.)

– Alright/ How Can I Find Her, ’65 (Parrot (Milwaukee) 45011) (Not in book.)


as The Legend – How Can I Find Her/ Raining In My Heart, ’66 (Date 1521) (Not in book.)



Legends (Unknown Origin) – Go Away With Me/ Jungle Lullaby, ’62 (Caldwell 410)


Legends (Unknown Origin) – Tell The Truth/ You’ll Never See The Forest, ’62 (Jamie 1228) (No scans found.)

Both Caldwell and Jamie have a side listing the composer as Roger Chastain.



Legends (Virginia Beach) (Rick & The)

– The Diary Of A Teenage Bride/ All Of Your Love, ’62 (JD 155)

I Wonder Why/ Leave Me Alone, ’63 (JD 162)

I Wonder Why/ Love Me Like I Know You Can, ’66 (United Artists 50093)



Legends (San Francisco) – Well, Darling/ Over Yonder, ’63 (Falco 305) (Scans found.)



Legends (New York) (Larry (Santos) & The) (BV Four Seasons-uncredited) – Don’t Pick On My Baby/ The Creep, ’64 (Atlantic 2220)



Legends (Sylmar California) (Lonnie (Grah) & The) – I Cried/ Baby Without You, ’66 (Impression 109)


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