Lavenders Groups

Lavenders (Wisconsin) (Robin Lee & The) – Pretty Patti/ Walk Away, ’60 (Circle Dot 103) (Circle Dot is a Minneapolis label.  Robin Lee is Roger Schenzel from Merrill Wisc.)

as Lavenders – White Lightnin’ Effin’/ (They Call The Wind) Maria, ’63 (Cuca 1152)



Lavenders (Camden NJ)

– Slide/ Angel, ’61 (CR 1003)

– That Lucky Old Sun/ Cool It Down, ’61 (CR 1005) (Not in book.)

Cal Tilley wrote the lyrics on all Lavenders’ titles.

Cal Tilley (Lead), Betty Jackson (1st Tenor), Harrison Artist (Second Tenor), Honey Cooper (Second Tenor), Horace Sloan (Bass) and Leon Huff (Piano).

Info thanks to Cal Tilley.



Lavenders (NY) – The Bells/ I Said Look ’61 (Lake 706)



Lavenders (Male/Female-Philadelphia) – One More Time/ One More, Once {I}, ’63 (Mercury 72126)

(Writing credits are: Huff/Jackson/Madara/White and Huff/Madara/White respectively.  The male vocal on the a-side is said to be Leon Huff.  The girl group vocalists are unidentified.  The flip is instrumental.)



Lavenders (NYC Girl Group) – This I Feel/ Daddy, Daddy, ’64 (Dot 16584)

(Writing credits are: H Bernstein/L Bartel on both sides. Herb Bernstein producer.)



Lavenders (Flushing NY) (Ernie Moralas & The) – Little Bit Of Everything/ I’m So Lonely, ’77 (Crystal Ball 100)



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