Laurels Groups

Laurels (LA)


According to the Laurels had one release on Combo, Flair and “X”.


as Jake Porter & The Laurels – Fine Fine Baby, ’54 (Combo 66)

as Jake Porter & His Combo – TJ {I}, ’54 (Combo 66)

  • Jake Porter & His Combo released Corn Pone Boogie/ TJ.  Credit on subsequent comp releases are credited the same.
    • There is some controversy between the artist being Jake Porter vs Jack McVea.  As/… Jack McVea signed up with Jake Porter’s Combo Records in 1953. His band was very much the house band at Combo, recording not only under Jack’s name, but also under various guises such as Jonesy’s Combo.


Laurels (Bobby Relf & The) – Yours Alone/ Farewell, ’55 (Flair 1063)

  • Gms: Ronald Brown, Ted Brown, Sam Jackson and Bobby Relf.


Laurels – Truly, Truly/ ’Tis Night, ’55 (X 0143)


as Bobby Relf – Little Fool/ I’m Not Afraid, ’56 (Dot 15510)

  • The book listed the BB as the Laurels.  They are uncredited on the label.


as Ernie Freeman Combo – The Shuck {I}, ’56 (Cash 1019)

as Bobby Relf Ernie Freeman Combo – Our Love, ’56 (Cash 1019)

  • Book listed BB as the Laurels.


See the Jesse Belvin post for other possible Laurels involvement as the BB.


Laurels (Texas)


Laurels (Kenny Loran With The) – Lonely Boy/ Change Of Love, ’58 (Challenge 59010)


by Kenny Loran (& Group) – Magic Star/ Mama’s Little Baby, ’59 (Capitol 4276)


See for a Kenny Loran discography.  


Gms: Kenneth Albert Loranger aka Kenny Loran with his brothers Norm, Larry, Lavern and with Danny Hinzo.

  • Gms, when Kenny recorded with the Cordairs (not listed in the book): Ron DeVer, Larry DeVer, Clayton Edwards and Ray Fox.


Laurels (NY Label)



– Picture Of Love/ Hand In Hand, ’59 (ABC-Paramount 10048)

– Baby Talk/ You Left Me, ’60 (Spring 1112)

  • Writing credit: Melvin Schwartz.


Note:  The book listed the ABC-Paramount 10048 and Spring 1112 releases asby the same group.


Laurels (NJ)


Laurels (NJ) (John Gaudet & The) (ref Tassels) – Your Name Shall Be Remembered/ Xmas Will Soon Be Here, ’61 (Mary Glen 1001-2)


Laurels (Pittsburgh)


credited as Pennants.  See

– Don’t Go (2:17)/ Workin Man, ’61 (World 102)  

– Darling How Long, ’61 (Unreleased)


Laurels (Reunited Group)

Gms: Dick Muse, Bobby Gaynor, Fred Hulme, Noel Schwertfeger and Nick Ticich.

– Every Minute Of The Day/ Lips Of Fire (’58-59 Unreleased)

– I Wonder/ Every Minute Of The Day, ’82 (Bishop 1016)

– A Little Romance/ Summer’s Gonna Be A Ball, ’82 (Alexis 6873)

– Don’t Just Stand There/ Rhythm, ’85 (Noble Town 821)


– Honey I Love You (Vocal Lead; Lonnie)/ So Much In Love (Lead Richie Merritt), ’85 (RAM 501012)

  • Scans found.


– When I’m With You (Lead Vocal Lonnie Brown), ’86 (RAM 706005)

– Truthfully (Lead Vocal Richie Merritt), ’86 (RAM 706005)

  • Scans found. 


– 1. Barbara  2. Lonely Summer/ 3. Hydrogen Bomb 4.Crying In The Chapel, ’86 (RAM EP 509049)

– Don’t Go (2:17/ Darling How Long, ’89 (World 102)

– Our Anniversary/ Walking The Dog, ’95 (Swing Club Records 028)

  • Scans found.