Larks (Los Angeles)

Larks (LA) (gms: Don Julian, Ronald Barrett, Earl Jones, Randy Jones.)


Larks (LA) (Don Julian & The)

– Low Rider Girl You’re To [sic] Cold/ Every Body Let’s Cruise, ’66 (Jerk 101) (Not listed in book.)

– Shorty The Pimp-Part 1/ Shorty The Pimp-Part 2, ’65 (Jerk 202 & Money 607, ’73)


Larks (LA)

– The Jerk/ Forget Me, ’64 (Money 106)

– Mickey’s East Coast Jerk/ The Slauson Shuffle, ’64 (Money 110)

– Mickey’s East Coast/ Soul Jerk, ’64 (Money 110)

– Heavenly Father/ The Roman, ’64 (Money 112)


Larks (LA) – The Ducks [sic]/ Heaven Only Knows (Version 1), ’65 (Money 114)

(Only a-side scan found.  The book did not list.)

as Meadowlarks – Sad Sad Boy/ Can You Do The Duck, ’65 (Money 115)

(Scans only found asby Meadowlarks.  No scans found asby The Larks but many sources list asby The Larks.)


Larks (LA)

– The Answer Came Too Late/ Lost My Love Yesterday, ’65 (Money 119)

– Philly Dog/ Heaven Only Knows (Version 2), ’65 (Money 122)

– Come Back Baby/ The Skate, ’65 (Money 127)

– I Want You (Back)/ I Love You, ’71 (Money 601 & Nasco 028, ’72)

(In error, the book listed groups from Philadelphia and Ohio in the LA Larks discography.)


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