Larks (The Other Groups)

The Philadelphia and Ohio groups were listed under Don Julian & The Larks in the book.  They are different Larks groups.


Larks (Philadelphia) credited as Cleopatra – Heaven Only Knows/ My Darling, ’61 (Sheryl 335)

Larks (Philadelphia)

– Fabulous Cars And Diamond Rings/ Life Is Sweeter Now, ’61 (Cross Fire 74-49/74-50 & Guyden 2103, ’64) (Book listed with Don Julian Larks groups.)

– It’s Unbelievable (Lead Jackie Marshall)/ I Can’t Believe It, ’61 (Sheryl 334)

– There Is A Girl/ Let’s Drink A Toast, ’61 (Sheryl 338)

– For The Love Of Money/ Another Sleepless Night, ’64 (Arock 1010)

– Love You So/ Love Me True, ’65 (Jett 3001)


Larks (Philadelphia) (Irma (Jackson) & The) – Don’t Cry/ Without You Baby, ’63 (Priority 322 & Fairmount 1003)


Larks (Philadelphia) credited asby Irma & The Fascinators – Just A Feeling/ Lost Love, ’65 (Scepter 12100) (Not in book.)

In 1963, the Scepter 12100 sides were recorded in a session with the Larks.  The Larks are uncredited on the Scepter release.


Barbara Mason (BB The Larks (Philadelphia)) – Dedicated To You, ’64 (Crusader 111, Crusader 114, ’65 & Charger 111, ’65) (Flip is Trouble Child by Barbara Mason & The Tiffanys)


Larks (Philadelphia) as Four Larks – It’s Unbelievable (Lead Vivian McDougal)/ Keep Climbing Brothers {I}, ’69 (Uptown 761)



Larks (Ohio) – I Want Her To Love Me – Vocal, ’61 (Guyden 2098)

as Instrumental – I Want Her To Love Me {I}, ’61 (Guyden 2098)


Larks (Ohio) – I Want Her To Love Me/ Muddy Road, ’63 (Violet 1050)



Larks (Chess Group-Male) – She’s A Good One, ’74 (Broadcast 1002) (Flip is Baby Wants To Rock by the Clouds (Chicago).  There is some info on this group at


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