Larados Groups

Larados (Unknown Group)

– Angels In Heaven, ’57 (Unreleased)

– Rock N’ Roll Mama, ’57 (Unreleased)

(No label name listed.  Neither title is included in the Larados (Michigan) ’The Lost Tapes’ LP.  Who is this group?  Have not heard either song.)



Larados (Michigan) (w The Band Of Lucky Lee) – Now The Parting Begins/ Bad Bad Guitar Man, ’57 (Fox 963)


Larados (Michigan-reformed Group)

– Will You Love Me Tomorrow/ You Didn’t Care, ’80 (Madog 801) (No b-side scan found.)

– Afterthoughts/ Big Boss Man, ’80 (Madog 803/804) (Not in book.)



Danny Zella & The Larados (BB Danny Zella & The Zell Rocks) – You Made Me Blue/ Sapphire, ’57 (Dial 100)


Danny Zella & His Zell Rocks – Black Saxs [sic] {I}/ Wicked Ruby (Vocal), ’59 (Fox 10056-57)


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