Kodaks, Deltars

Kodaks (Various Spellings)


Pearl McKinnon led on the following Kodak/Kodok releases.

  • She left the group around 1959.
  • The Kodaks, etal, reformed a couple of times after that.


as Kodoks

– Little Boy And Girl/ Teenagers Dream, ’57 (Fury 1007)

– Oh Gee, Oh Gosh/ Make Believe World, ’57 (Fury 1015)



– My Baby And Me/ Kingless Castle, ’58 (Fury 1019)

– Run Around Baby/ Guardian Angel, ’58 (Fury 1020)


as Kadak’s – Don’t Want No Teasing/ Look Up To The Sky, ’60 (J&S 1683-1684)


as Kodoks

– Let’s Rock/ Twista Twisten, ’61 (Wink 1004)

– Mister-Magoo/ Love Wouldn’t Mean A Thing, ’61 (Wink 1006)


The releases listed above are by various configurations of the Kodaks without Pearl McKinnon:


Deltars Group


Pearl & The Deltars

– Teenagers [sic] Dream/ Dance, Dance, Dance, ’61 (Fury 1048)

– Where Are You/ Back To School Again (Unreleased)


Pearl & The Deltars – Dance Dance Dance, ’90 (Relic LP 5083 A6 (Best Of The Kodaks))


as Kodaks – Teenager’s Dream, ’90 (Relic LP 5083 B1 (Best Of The Kodaks))

Pearl & The Deltars – Teenager’s Dream, ’90 (Relic LP 5083 B5 (Best Of The Kodaks))


Note: Pearl & The Deltars were formed after Pearl McKinnon left the Kodaks.


Pearl McKinnon (BB The Valentinos) – Little Boy And Girl (U-tube of UGHA performance on 08-25-01)

  • Pearl McKinnon was a female sound-alike-Frankie Lymon associated with the Kodaks/Kodoks and Deltars.
  • There is a comment about the Valentinos on the https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scN8PFrF7Cc mentioning their members, including Gil Valentin.