Kittens Groups

Kittens (Male Group) – A Letter To Donna/ It’s All Over Now, ’59 (Unart 2010)

  • Writing credits: Goldstein-Feldman-Ottowa/ S Feldman-B Feldman.


Carmelettes – Something Tells Me I’m In Love (Ding-Dong-Ding)/ Aching For You, ’60 (Alpine 61)

  • Label credits Carmelettes.
  • Some members of the Kittens were also members of the Carmelettes.
  • No scan was found for an Alpine 61 release as the Kittens.


Kittens (NJ)

– Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini/ Dark, Dark Sunglasses, ’60 (Alpine 64)

– A Letter On His Sweater/ Broken Dreams, ’60 (Alpine 67)


Kittens (Terri & The) – You Cheated/ Wedding Bells (Just For You And Me), ’61 (Imperial 5728)

  • Male Group.
  • Writing credits: Don Burch/ Bobby Rey.


Kittens (Germantown PA) (ref Sheila Ferguson) – Count Every Star/ I’m Worried, ’63 (Chestnut 203)

  • Biographies for Sheila Ferguson are consistent that this was her only involvement with this and any Kittens group.


Kittens (Don-El-Philadelphia)

– I Need Your Love Tonight/ Johnny’s Place, ’63 (Don-El 205)

– Walter/ Lite Bulb, ’63 (Don-El 122)


asby The Kittens – Don’t Let It Happen Again, ’64 (Herald 588))

Kittens Five – Nothin’, ’64 (Herald 588)

  • See links in comments.


Kittens (Relic Girl Group)

– He’s My Guy, ’85 (Relic LP 8004 (B3)-Detroit Girl Groups)

– I Love You So, ’85 (Relic LP 8004 (B9)-Detroit Girl Groups)

  • According to the Relic liner notes, “The Kittens songs were from a tape produced by Eddie Floyd about 1962.”


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    • As/ the discography your site provides, the book did not list this group. It appears they are not the Relic group either. Thanks for the clarification.

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