Kittens Groups

Kittens (Male Group) – A Letter To Donna/ It’s All Over Now, ’59 (Unart 2010)



Carmelettes – Something Tells Me I’m In Love (Ding-Dong-Ding)/ Aching For You, ’60 (Alpine 61)

(Label credits Carmelettes.  Some members of the Kittens were also members of the Carmelettes. Nothing was found for an Alpine 61 release as the Kittens.)


Kittens (NJ)

– Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini/ Dark, Dark Sunglasses, ’60 (Alpine 64)

– A Letter On His Sweater/ Broken Dreams, ’60 (Alpine 67)



Kittens (Terri & The) – Wedding Bells (Just For You And Me)/ You Cheated, ’61 (Imperial 5728)



Kittens (Germantown PA) (ref Sheila Ferguson) – Count Every Star/ I’m Worried, ’63 (Chestnut 203)

(Biographies for Sheila Ferguson are consistent that this was her only involvement with this and any Kittens group.)



Kittens (Don-El-Philadelphia)

– Walter/ Lite Bulb, ’63 (Don-El 122)

– I Need Your Love Tonight/ Johnny’s Place, ’63 (Don-El 205)



asby The Kittens – Don’t Let It Happen Again, ’64 (Herald 588) (See links in comments.)

Kittens Five – Nothin’, ’64 (Herald 588)



Kittens (Relic Girl Group)

– He’s My Guy, ’85 (Relic LP 8004 (B3)-Detroit Girl Groups)

– I Love You So, ’85 (Relic LP 8004 (B9)-Detroit Girl Groups)


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    • As/ the discography your site provides, the book did not list this group. It appears they are not the Relic group either. Thanks for the clarification.

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