Kingtones/King Tones

as King Tones (Vocal Pete Mervenne) – Wish For An Angel/ Don’t Come Around, ’61 (Musictone 102) (Book listed as Kingsmen.)


Kingtones (Michigan) (Vocal Pete Mervenne)

– A Love I Had/ To Have A Little Girl, ’62 (Kitoco 104)

– Twins/ Have Faith, ’63 (Kitoco 355)

– Twins/ Have Good Faith, ’64 (Derry 101)

– The Girl I Love/ A Love I Had, ’65 (Drummond 105)


Kingtones (Michigan)

– It Doesn’t Matter Anymore/ How Can A Man, ’69 (Eucalyptus 002)

– Ten Guitars/ It Doesn’t Matter Anymore, ’69 (Cotillion 44069)



Baby Sticks & The Kingtones (NY) – Pigmy/ Ida, Sweet As Apple Cider, ’62 (Shelley 164) (Book listed as Kingsmen.)


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