King Bees Groups

Note:  Book listed all King Bees together.  They appear to be different groups.


King Bees (California Label) – Puppy Love/ Give Me Your Number, ’57 (Flip 323)


King Bees (New York Label) (w Lloyd Price’s Orch) – Can’t You Understand/ Lovely Love, ’57 (KRC 302)


King Bees (Chicago) – Buzzin’ {I}/ Good Rockin’ Tonight, ’58 (Checker 909)

  • No B-side scan found.


King Bees (LA Label) (Vocal Clyde and Rand) – What Could Have Been Can’t Be/ Tender Love, ’59 (Noble 715)


King Bees error – Look My Way, ’74 (Outhouse 101)

  • Scan was found (08/08/2020).
    • Label scans as ‘Five King Bees.’

Note:  See comment exchange.


flip by The Heartbreakers (Washington) – Good Rockin’ Daddy, ’74 (Outhouse 101X)

  • Scan found.
    • See comment indicating this was recorded for RCA in 1951-52.


2 thoughts on “King Bees Groups

  1. Outhouse was a subsidiary of Roadhouse.

    “Good Rockin’ Daddy” was by The Heartbreakers. They recorded the song for RCA in 1951 oer 1952.

    Outhouse 101 was offered in the net several times.

    “Good Rockin’ Daddy” also appeared on the Roadhouse LP 5002 (The Heartbreakers – Big News).

    • I appreciate the Heartbreakers’ recording date and Outhouse label connection to Roadhouse.

      The a-side credited by the book as “King Bees” are said to be the ‘5’ or Five King Bees as listed by credible sellers. These sources are probably accurate, but original Outhouse scans are needed for me to change the post to the ‘5’ or Five King Bees .

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