Kidds & Kids Groups

Kidds/ Kids-Kidds Groups


Pelicans (New Orleans) became Kidds

– Drunk, Drunk, Drunk/ Are You Forgetting Me, ’55 (Imperial 5335)

– You Broke My Heart/ I Won’t Be Back, ’55 (Post 2003)

Down In Mexico/ Miss Lucy (Post X2010-Bootleg)

  • Post X2010 was issued after the Imperial LP 94005 was issued under the Pelicans name.
    • The original Post #2010 is for Clifton Chenier.


Wee Willie Wayne (BB The Kidds (New Orleans)- uncredited) – I Remember/ Travelin’ Mood (No Group), ’55 (Imperial 5355)


Tommy Lampkin (BB The Kidds (New Orleans)-uncredited) – Lover’s Plea/ Eternal Love, ’55 (Imperial 5361)


Kids (Oakland) (Morry Williams & The)

– Are You My Girl Friend/ Louise, ’58 (Tee Vee 301)

  • Scans found.

– Are You My Girlfriend/ Oh! Louise, ’58 (Carlton 477)

  • Scans found.
  • Seller lists at $60.00.
  • Long Foot Jene [sic]/ Time Runs Out (1st version), ’60 (Luck 102-first pressing)

– Long Foot Jene [sic]/ Time Runs Out (2nd version), ’60 (Luck 102-second pressing)

Time Runs Out (1st version), ’60 (Luck 102-third pressing)

  • A-side ‘Part One-Grasshopper’ is by Bobby Ford & The Blazers.

Note: Writing credits on both sides: Lyons & Smith.


as Morry Williams & The Kidds (Oakland) – Time Runs Out/ Long Foot Jean [sic], ’74 (Firefly 319)

  • Scans confirm ‘Kidds’ and ‘Jean’ spelling.


Note:  Johnny And Dell (Al Tanner Octet) – The Bounce/ There Is Love, ’60 (Luck 101)

  • Book listed as Johnny (With The Kids).
  • Writing credits on both sides: Lyons-Smith.
    • The writing credits are the possible link to Morry Williams & The Kids.
    • No info was found for ‘The Kids’ being an uncredited BB.
    • Book dated 1962.


Kids Groups


Kids (NY) (Herman & The) – Daddy, Daddy/ March On, ’59 (Columbia 41411)


Kids (Los Angeles) (Billy & The) – Take A Chance On Love/ The Way It Used To Be, ’61 (Lute L312-Lute L-6016)

  • Both #s are on the same label.


Kids (Tennessee Label) – Good Loving/ You Don’t Know What You Got, ‘64 (Gaylord 2203)

  • Date and label location/ 45cat. 


Kids (East Wenatchee, Washington) (Billy & The)

– Say You Love Me/ It’s Not The Same, 66 (Julian 104)

– When I See You/ Do You Need Me, ’66 (Julian 109)


Billy & The Kids on ‘Julian’ are a group of 12-13 year old boys.  Check out for the group’s biography, photos & a list of group members.


Kids (Utica NY) – Dear Mom And Dad (Hurd 80)

  • No scans found.
  • Other Hurd releases are dated 1966.


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