Keynotes/Key-Notes Groups

Keynotes (Nashville) – Who/ They Say, ’54 (Dot 15225)

  • Scan found for ‘Who’ with writing credits as Kern/Hammerstein/Harbach.
  • Book included these entries as part of the Apollo group discography.


Note: A group description by seller says:  White Doo-Wop group from Nashville TN.  They were four students from David Lipscomb college.


Keynotes (NY)

– Suddenly/ Zenda, ’55 (Apollo 478)

– I Don’t Know/ A Star, ’55 (Apollo 484)

– Really Wish You Were Here/ Bye Bye Baby, ’56 (Apollo 493)

– Now I Know (2:06)/ Zup, Zup (Ooh You Dance So Nice), ’56 (Apollo 498)

– Oh Yeah! Hm-m-m/ In The Evening, ’56 ( Apollo 503)

– One Little Kiss/ Now I Know (2:20) (Faster Version), ’57 (Apollo 513)

– Tell Me You Love Me, ’89 (Relic LP 5080 (2-6))

– Early One Morning, ’89 (Relic LP 5080 (2-7)) 

– Chapel Bells Are Ringing, ’89 (Relic LP 5080 (2-8))


Keynotes (NY) – Apollo/Relic LP 5072 [Disc misspells label as Appolo.]

– I Don’t Know (A1)

– Now I Know (Faster Version) (A2)

– A Star (A3)

– Oh Yeah! Hmmm (A4)

– Zoop Zoop (Darling I Love You) (A5)

– Surely (Acappella) (A6)

– Really Wish You Were Here (A7)

– One Little Kiss (A8)


– In The Evening (B1)

– Zup Zup (Ooh You Dance So Nice) (B2)

– Zenda (B3)

– Girl In The Chapel (B4)

– I Don’t Know Why (Alt Take) (B5)

– Now I Know (Slower Version) (B6)

– Suddenly (B7)

– Bye Bye Baby (B8)


Keynotes (NY) – Apollo/Relic LP 5075 [Apollo Audition Cappella Album by Various Artists]

– A Star, ’87 (Relic LP 5075 A3)

– Suddenly, ’87 (Relic LP 5075 A8)

– I Don’t Know, ’87 (Relic LP 5075 B7)


Bill Allen (Ohio) (w The Keynotes) – Butterfly/ Oo-We-Baby, ’57 (Eldorado 505)

  • Book listed apart from Apollo Keynotes group.
  • Bill Allen’s ‘Please Give Me Something/ Since I Have You’ on Imperial X5500 was credited as Bill Allen & The Back Beats.


Keynotes (Hollywood Label) (w Rubin And His Boys) – Congratulations Baby/ Carelessly, ’57 (Pop 111)


Keynotes (New York City) – Open The Door (To Your Heart)/ Dum-De, Dum-Dum, ’58 (Index 101)

  • Scans show writing credit as Highsmith.
  • The book did not # the label or date release.


as Antoine (Lucky) Leon (with The Key-Notes) – A Sunday School Romance/ Only In A Dream, ’59 (Bell-O-Tonic 001)

  • Writing credits: Highsmith.


Note: The two groups sound alike.


Keynotes (UK?) – With These Rings/ We’re Not Getting Along (Like We Used To), ’59 (Top Rank International 2005)

  • Writing credits: Sunny Skylar-Sophie Marinsi/ D DiMinno-J Tucker.


Note:  Youtube plays ‘With These Rings.’  


Keynotes (R&B Group) (Gene Anderson & The)

Pains In My Heart/ Jes’ A Little Love (Star 246)

  • Not in book.
  • Hollywood label.

I’ve Got It Bad/ Susie, ’62 (Top Ten 252)


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