Jumpin’ Jacks, Jumping Jacks

Jumpin’ Jacks (New York Label) – Embraceable You/ Pa-Pa-Ya Baby, ’54 (Bruce 115)

(Book includes under Danny Lamego group.  While the B-side has similar energy, there are clear vocal differences.  Most sources do not include the Bruce group with the Lamego group.  Both labels share a NY address.)


Jumpin’ Jacks (1-0-1 Group) – Mop-Top/ Let There Be Rockin, ’56 (1-0-1 100)

(Mop-Top appears on the Tip Top Records Story ‘Let There Be Rockin’ as Mop Top by the Jumping Jacks.)



Jumpin’ Jacks (NY) as Danny Lamego & His Jumpin Jacks – Hickory Dickory Rock/ Chickenfeed, ’56 (Andrea 101)


Jumpin’ Jacks (NY) (ft Danny Lamego) – Tried And Tested/ My Girl, My Girl, ’57 (ABC-Paramount 9859) (Book mistitles A-side and listed as Jumping Jacks (2))


Danny Peppermint & The Jumping Jacks (NY) – The Peppermint Twist/ Somebody Else Is Taking My Place, ’61 (Carlton 565) (Book listed as Jumpin’ Jacks (1))



Jumpin’ Jacks (w Dick Marx And His Orchestra) – You’ll Wonder Where The Yellow Went/ A Frantic Antic, ’56 (Decca 29973)

(Book listed under Jumpin’ Jaguars.  This is a female/male group.)




Jumping Jacks (North Carolina)

– Do Let That Dream Come True/ Why Oh Why, ’53 (Lloyds 101)

– Don’t Let That Dream Come True/ Why Oh Why, ’89 (Relic LP 5077 (B1))

– Why Oh Why, ’89 (Relic LP 5077 (B3))

Long-Haired Raggedy Rascal, ’53 (Unreleased) (Marv Goldberg’s published article on ‘The Jumping Jacks/Romeos’ states the title is as posted.  The lyrics support the article.)

Long Head Leggy Rascal, ’89 (Relic LP 5077 (B2)) (A scan of the Relic LP confirms this title.)

– Julocka Jolly, ’89 (Relic LP 5077 (B5))


Jumping Jacks became Romeos (North Carolina) 

– Love Me, ’54 (Apollo 461 & Relic LP 5078 (B5))

– I Beg You Please, ’54 (Apollo 461 & Relic LP 5078 (B8))

– Somebody’s Been Plowing My Mule, ’89 (Relic LP 5078 (B6))

– Oh Baby Oh, ’89 (Relic LP 5078 (B7))

The book listed Rags/Doctor Velvet on Apollo 466 asby the Romeos.  Many comps credit Rags to the Romeos and Doctor Velvet to the Nite Riders.  After listening to both songs and both groups, the determinations would be that both songs were done by the Nite Riders.  The Romeos and Nite Riders are distinct from each other  Scans have been found crediting both sides to the ‘Nite Riders’.)



Jumping Jacks (Los Angeles Label)

– About A Quarter To Nine/ Lady, Play Your Mandolin, ’56 (Capitol 3415)

– Valencia/ Toki-Roll, Toki-Rock, ’56 (Capitol 3496)


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