Jumpin’ Jacks, Jumping Jacks

Jumpin’ Jacks (NY) (ref Danny Lamego)


as Danny Lamego & His Jumpin Jacks – Hickory Dickory Rock/ Chickenfeed, ’56 (Andrea 101)


Jumpin’ Jacks (NY) (ft Danny Lamego) – Tried And Tested/ My Girl, My Girl, ’57 (ABC-Paramount 9859)

  • Book mistitles A-side and listed group as Jumping Jacks.


as Danny Peppermint & The Jumping Jacks (NY) – The Peppermint Twist/ Somebody Else Is Taking My Place, ’61 (Carlton 565)

  • Book listed group as Jumpin’ Jacks.


Jumping Jacks (North Carolina)


Jumping Jacks (North Carolina)

– Do Let That Dream Come True/ Why Oh Why, ’53 (Lloyds 101)

Don’t Let That Dream Come True/ Why Oh Why, ’89 (Relic LP 5077 (B1))

– Why Oh Why, ’89 (Relic LP 5077 (B3))

Long-Haired Raggedy Rascal, ’53 (Unreleased)

  • Marv Goldberg’s published article on ‘The Jumping Jacks/Romeos’ states the title is as posted.
  • The lyrics support the article.

– Long Head Leggy Rascal, ’89 (Relic LP 5077 (B2))

  • A scan of the Relic LP confirms this title.

– Julocka Jolly, ’89 (Relic LP 5077 (B5))


became Romeos (North Carolina) 

– Love Me, ’54 (Apollo 461 & Relic LP 5078 (B5))

– I Beg You Please, ’54 (Apollo 461 & Relic LP 5078 (B8))

– Somebody’s Been Plowing My Mule, ’89 (Relic LP 5078 (B6))

– Oh Baby Oh, ’89 (Relic LP 5078 (B7))


Note:  The book listed ‘Rags/Doctor Velvet’ on Apollo 466 asby the Romeos.

  • Many comps credit Rags to the Romeos and Doctor Velvet to the Nite Riders.
  • After listening to both songs and both groups, the determinations would be that both songs were done by the Nite Riders.
    • The Romeos and Nite Riders are distinct from each other.
    • Scans have been found crediting both sides to the ‘Nite Riders’.


Jumpin’/ Jumping Jacks (The Other Groups)


Jumpin’ Jacks (New York Label) – Embraceable You/ Pa-Pa-Ya Baby, ’54 (Bruce 115)

  • Book includes under Danny Lamego group.
  • While the B-side has similar energy, there are clear vocal differences.
  • Most sources do not include the Bruce group with the Lamego group.
  • Both labels share a NY address.


Jumpin’ Jacks (w Dick Marx And His Orchestra) – You’ll Wonder Where The Yellow Went/ A Frantic Antic, ’56 (Decca 29973)

  • Book listed under Jumpin’ Jaguars.
  • This is a female/male group.


Jumpin’ Jacks (1-0-1 Group) – Mop-Top/ Let There Be Rockin, ’56 (1-0-1 100)

  • ‘Mop-Top’ appears on the Tip Top Records Story ‘Let There Be Rockin’ as ‘Mop Top’ by the Jumping Jacks.


Jumping Jacks (Los Angeles Label)

– About A Quarter To Nine/ Lady, Play Your Mandolin, ’56 (Capitol 3415)

– Valencia/ Toki-Roll, Toki-Rock, ’56 (Capitol 3496)