Joytones & Related Groups

Joytones – You Just Won’t Treat Me Right/ All My Love Belongs To You, ’56 (Rama 191)


Joytones (w Royale Cita Chorus) – Gee What A Boy!/ Is This Really The End, ’56 (Rama 202)

and as

Joytones (w Royale Sita Chorus) – Gee What A Boy!/ Is This Really The End, ’56 (Rama 202)

  • As/Marv Goldberg, The Royale Cita/Sita Chorus were part of three groups: The Harptones, The Joytones [Vickie Burgess, Lynn Middleton & Margaret Moore] and The Lyrics.

Joytones – My Foolish Heart/ Jimbo-Jango, ’56 (Rama 215)


became Hi-Lites (Harlem) – Please Believe I Love You/ Sweet And Lovely, ’58 (Reno 1030)

  • Scans found.
  • This Hi-Lites group was not listed in the book.


became the Joy-Tones – This Love (That I’m Giving You)/ I Wanna Party Some More, ’64 (Coed 600)

  • Book listed A-side as ‘This Love.’


became The Love Potion [Not in book.]

– This Love/ Mr Farouk {I}, ’68 (TCB (No #)

– This Love/ This Love, ’69 (Kapp Promo 979) 

– This Love/ Moby Binks, ’69 (Kapp 979)


Visit the following sites to read the history of the Joytones:… who references ‘John Clemente “Girl Groups, Fabulous Females That Rocked the World”


‘This Love’ comments on Coed 600 vs Kapp 979 credits are at


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