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This post assembles a Johnny Otis discography listed under separate artists in the Complete Book Of Doowop.

  • On this site, other posts (under each artists) follow that artist/group and their connection to Johnny Otis.


Johnny Otis & Orchestra (ft The Four Bluebirds) – My Baby Done Told Me, ’49 (Excelsior 540)

  • The Four Bluebirds name was used for the first Robins recording.

Johnny Otis & Orchestra (Vocal; Lem Tally Darby Hicks) – Court Room Blues, ’49 (Excelsior 540)


Johnny Otis Orchestra (Vocal by Mel Walker & The Bluenotes) – Cry Baby, ’50 (Regent 1016)

Johnny Otis Quintette (Vocal by Devonia (Williams)) – I’m Not Falling In Love With You, ’50 (Regent 1016)


Johnny Otis Orchestra (w Mel Walker & Little Esther) – I Dream, ’50 (Regent 1036)

Johnny Otis Orchestra – Hangover Blues, ’50 (Regent 1036)


Johnny Otis Quintette (Vocals by The Robins & Little Esther) – Double Crossing Blues, ’50 (Savoy 731)

  • There are different pressings with different artist credits and flips.
    • One other is ‘Little Esther & The Robins (Johnny Otis Quintette’.

Leon Sims (w Johnny Otis Orchestra) – Ain’t Nothin’ Shakin’, ’50 (Savoy 731)

The Beale St Gang – Back Alley Blues, ’50 (Savoy 731)

  • Another pressing credits ‘Milton Buckner & His Beale St Gang’.


Johnny Otis & Orchestra (Vocals by The Robins) – Turkey Hop, Part 1, ’50 (Savoy 732)

Johnny Otis Orchestra – Turkey Hop, Part 2 {I}, ’50 (Savoy 732)


Little Esther (w Mel Walker) (Acc The Johnny Otis Orchestra) – Mistrustin’ Blues, ’50 (Savoy 735)

Little Esther (w The Johnny Otis Orchestra) – Misery, ’50 (Savoy 735)


Little Esther (w the Johnny Otis Orchestra & The Beltones) – Just Cant Get Free, ’50 (Savoy 750)

Little Esther (& Mel Walker w Johnny Otis Orchestra – Cupid’s Boogie, ’50 (Savoy 750)

  •   Savoy #750 is not listed in the book.


Robins (West Coast) (w the Johnny Otis Quinette) – I’m Living Ok/ There’s Rain In My Eyes, ’50 (Savoy 752)


Little Esther & Mel Walker (w Johnny Otis Orch) – Deceivin’ Blues, ’50 (Savoy 759)

Little Esther (w Johnny Otis Orch) – Lost Dream Blues, ’50 (Savoy 759)


Johnny Otis’ Congregation (The Cast; Bride Little Esther, Groom Mel Walker, Preacher Lee Graves – Wedding Boogie, ’50 (Savoy 764)

Johnny Otis Orch (w Little Esther & Mel Walker) – Far Away Blues, ’50 (Savoy 764)

  • Savoy #764 is not listed in the book.


Vocaleers as Johnny Otis Orch-Vocals by The Vocaleers (LA)) – Chittlin’ Switch, ’51 (Savoy 824)

Little Esther & Junior (w Johnny Otis Orch) – Get Together Blues, ’51 (Savoy 824)


Junior Ryder (ft w Johnny Otis Orch & The Peacocks (Houston TX Label)) – Sad Story, ’54 (Duke 119)

Junior Ryder (ft w Johnny Otis Orchestra) – Better Stop, ’54 (Duke 119)


Sultans (Midwest) (& Johnny Otis Orchestra) (ref Gene McDaniels) – How Deep Is The Ocean/ Good Thing Baby, ’54 (Duke 125)


Peacocks (Houston TX Label) as Johnny Otis Orchestra (Vocal by Johnny Otis & The Peacocks) – Young Girl, ’55 (Peacock 1625)

Peacocks (Houston TX Label) as Johnny Otis Orchestra (Vocal-Johnny Otis) – Rock Me Baby, ’55 (Peacock 1625)


Mel Williams (BB Johnny Otis Orchestra)

– Don’t Cry Baby/ My Love, ’56 (Dig 123)

– All Through The Night/ I Cried A Million Tears, ’56 (Dig 128)


Premiers (LA-Uncredited) backing Julie Stephens (Johnny Otis Orchestra) – Take My Heart/ I Don’t Want To Know, ’57 (Dig 129)

  • Book also listed under Julie Stevens.


Johnny Otis & His Orchestra – The Blooper {I}, ’57 (Dig 131)

Johnny Otis & His Orchestra (Vocals by The Jayos) – Tough Enough, ’57 (Dig 131)


Arthur Lee Maye & Johnny Otis Orchestra (Crowns (LA)-uncredited)A Fools [sic] Prayer/ Whispering Wind, ’57 (Dig 133)


Gladiators (LA) (w Johnny Otis Orchestra) – Girl Of My Heart/ My Baby Doll, ’57 (Dig 135)

  • The LA Gladiators are the ‘Feathers’ without Johnny Staton.


Little Julian Herrera (w Johnny Otis Orchestra) – Here In My Arms/ Symbol Of Love, ’57 (Dig 137)

  • Scans also found as Little Julian Herrara.


Mel Williams (w Johnny Otis Orchestra) – Stand There, Mountain/ I Don’t Care If The Sun Don’t Shine, ’57 (Dig 140)


Arthur Lee Maye (Johnny Otis Orchestra)Gee/ Only You, ’57 (Dig 146)


Chimes (Los Angeles) (Johnny Otis Orch) – Jonelle/ I Found An Angel, ’57 (Dig 148-Unreleased)


Arthur Lee Maye (BB Johnny Otis Orchestra) – Sh-Boom/ Sincerely, ’57 (Dig 149)


Faye Wilson (w Johnny Otis Orchestra) – I Miss You So/ Playing Me For A Fool, ’57 (Hip 401)


Johnny Otis (Rock ’N Roll Hit Parade), ’57 (Dig LP 104)

Side 1: Honey Love, Sh-Boom, Earth Angel, Gee, Sincerely, The Midnight Creeper.

Side 2: At My Front Door, Long Tall Sally, Only You, One Mint Julep, Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!, Please Don’t Leave Me.


Johnny Otis Show (Johnny Otis & His Orchestra) (Jeannie Sterling & The Moonbeams) – It’s Too Soon To Know, ’57 (Capitol 3802)                                                  

Johnny Otis Show (Johnny Otis & His Orchestra) (Glen Jones & The Moonbeams) – Star Of Love, ’57 (Capitol 3802)


Mel Williams credited as (Johnny Otis-Darby Hicks) Vocal by Mel Williams – Stay With Me, ’57 (Capitol EP 940 (2-2))

  • The LP is titled ‘The Johnny Otis Show.’
  • Mel Williams is credited on Capitol 3801 as ‘The Johnny Otis Show (Vocal by Mel Williams).’


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