Johnny Maestro

Crests (w Johnny Mastro) – Pretty Little Angel/ I Thank The Moon, ’58 (Coed 501) (‘I Thank The Moon’ on #515 is by the Crests.)


Crests (w the Lead Voice Of Johnny Mastro) – Flower Of Love/ Molly Mae, ’59 (Coed 511)


Crests (ft Johnny Mastro)

– Journey Of Love/ If My Heart Could Write A Letter, ’59 (Coed-Unreleased & Coed 535, ’60)

– Isn’t It Amazing/ Molly Mae, ’60 (Coed 537)


Johnny Maestro as Johnny Masters (BB The Crests-uncredited) – Say It Isn’t So/ The Great Physician, ’60 (Coed 527) (The book lists the BB as the Crests.)


Crests (w Johnny Mastro) – I Remember (In The Still Of The Night)/ Good Golly Miss Molly, ’61 (Coed 543)



Johnny Maestro as Johnny Mastro (The Voice Of The Crests) – Model Girl/ We’ve Got To Tell Them, ’61 (Coed 545)


Johnny Maestro (The Voice Of The Crests) – What A Surprise/ The Warning Voice, ’61 (Coed 549)


Johnny Maestro (w The Coeds) – Test Of Love/ Mr Happiness, ’61 (Coed 552)


Johnny Maestro (w The Coeds-uncredited) – IOU/ The Way You Look Tonight, ’61 (Coed 557)


as Original Crests (w Johnny Maestro) – No One To Love/ Wish She Was Mind, ’62 (Times Square 2) (A re-issue of JoYce 105.)


Johnny Maestro & The Tymes-uncredited – I’ll Be True/ Over The Weekend, ’63 (Cameo 256)


Johnny Maestro & The Tymes – I’ll Be True/ Over The Weekend, ’63 (Popular Request 103)



Johnny Maestro (& Group)

– Besame Baby/ It Must Be Love, ’61 (Coed 562)

– Fifty Million Heartbeats/ Before I Loved Her, ’62 (United Artists 474)

– Lean On Me/ (It’s Harder To) Make Up My Mind, ’64 (Cameo 305)

– She’s All Mine Alone/ Phone Booth On The Highway, ’65 (Apt 25075)



Johnny Maestro & The Crests

– I’m Stepping Out Of The Picture/ Afraid Of Love, ’65 (Scepter 12112)

– Come See Me (I’m Your Man)/ I Care About You, ’66 (Parkway 999)

– My Time/ Is It You, ’67 (Parkway 118)


Johnny Maestro (w The Crests) – Try Me/ Heartburn, ’66 (Parkway 987)


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