Johnny Angel Groups

The Complete Book of Doo-Wop lists several artists known as Johnny Angel with various group associations that separate one Johnny Angel from another.  Titles I’ve added are for clarification and remain within the realm of the genre.


Dodgers & Johnny Angel (Los Angeles)

– (Come On) Pretty Baby/ Boogie Man, ’57 (Skyway 117)

– Oh Little One/ Where Did The Bums Go, ’58 (Skyway 118) (No scans found.)

– Poor Little Fool/ Big Mo {I}, ’58 (Skyway 119)



Jimmy Lee (Fautheree) as Johnny Angel – Baby Its [sic] Love/ Teen-Age Wedding, ’58 (Vin 1004)

(While not listed in the book, the entry is also posted under ‘Jimmy Lee’ to separate the various Jimmy Lee artists.)



Johnny Angel (Broadway NYC) – Starlight, ’58 (Power 250)

(The book lists BB The Trickles but they are uncredited on the label.)



Johnny Angel (New Jersey) & The Creations – We’re Old Enough/ Where’s My Love, ’59 (Jamie 1134)



To keep it simple, the following Johnny Angel titles are related to Gary Paxton (Alley Oop) and his Arizona/LA/NY history.  The BB Halos are the NY Halos/Craftys group.  Writing credits vary among Gary Paxton, A Speeze and others.  There is a current ‘Johnny Angel & The Halos’ group which is an oldies show band from Pittsburgh, not the group on Felsted.

Johnny Angel (& Group)

– Doubt/ Falling Teardrops, ’60 (Imperial 5673)

– All Night Party/ Baby, You Got Soul, ’61 (Paxley 100 & Gardena Records 117)


Johnny Angel & The Halos (NY)

– Lady Of Spain/ Without Her Heart (I Got A Letter Today), ’61 (Felsted 8633)

– (If I Had) One More Tomorrow/ The Mashed Potato Stomp, ’62 (Felsted 8646)

– Roller-Motion/ Looking For A Fool, ’62 (Felsted 8659)


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