Johnny Angel Groups

The Complete Book of Doo-Wop lists several artists known as Johnny Angel with various group associations that separate one Johnny Angel from another.

  • Titles I’ve added are for clarification and remain within the realm of the genre. 


Dodgers & Johnny Angel (Los Angeles)

– Boogie Man/ (Come On) Pretty Baby, ’57 (Skyway 117)

– Oh Little One/ Where Did The Bums Go, ’58 (Skyway 118)

  • No scans found.

– Poor Little Fool/ Big Mo {I}, ’58 (Skyway 119)


Jimmy Lee (Fautheree) as Johnny Angel – Baby Its [sic] Love/ Teen-Age Wedding, ’58 (Vin 1004)


Note: While not listed in the book, the entry is also posted under ‘Jimmy Lee’ to separate the various Jimmy Lee artists.


Johnny Angel (Broadway NYC) – The Story Of Love/ Starlight, ’58 (Power 250)

  • The book lists BB The Trickles but they are uncredited on the label.


Johnny Angel (New Jersey) & The Creations – We’re Old Enough/ Where’s My Love, ’59 (Jamie 1134)


To keep it simple, the following Johnny Angel titles are related to Gary Paxton (Alley Oop) and his Arizona/LA/NY history.

  • The BB Halos are the NY Halos/Craftys group. 
  • Writing credits vary among Gary Paxton, A Speeze and others.
  • There is a current ‘Johnny Angel & The Halos’ group which is an oldies show band from Pittsburgh, not the group on Felsted.


Johnny Angel (& Group)

– Doubt/ Falling Teardrops, ’60 (Imperial 5673)

– All Night Party/ Baby, You Got Soul, ’61 (Paxley 100 & Gardena Records 117)


Johnny Angel & The Halos (NY)

– Lady Of Spain/ Without Her Heart (I Got A Letter Today), ’61 (Felsted 8633)

– (If I Had) One More Tomorrow/ The Mashed Potato Stomp, ’62 (Felsted 8646)

– Roller-Motion/ Looking For A Fool, ’62 (Felsted 8659)


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