Jimmy Dee Groups

Jimmy Dee (Texas)


Jimmy Dee & The Offbeats – Henrietta (No Group), ’57 (TNT 148 & Dot 15664)

Jimmy Dee & The Offbeats With The Montclairs (Texas) – Don’t Cry No More, ’57 (TNT 148 & Dot 15664)


Jimmy Dee & The Offbeats-uncredited – You’re Late Miss Kate/ Here I Come, ’58 (Dot 15721)


Jimmy Dee – I Feel Like Rockin’/ Rock-Tick-Tock, ’59 (TNT 161) 


The RCS discography for two of the Jimmy Dee artists is the most reliable I’ve found.  Jimmy Dee/Offbeats (Texas) is complete with label scans.  See (rcs-discography.com/rcs/artist.php?key=dee-3100).


FYI The Jimmy & The Offbeats (Baton Rouge LA) on Bofuz 1113 are unrelated to the Texas group.


Jimmy Dee (Various Label Locations)


Jimmy Dee

– Nobody’s Darlin But Mine/ The Jenny Lee, ’60 (Pixie 726)

  • Not in book.
  • Scans found.

– Don’t Hurt Me No More/ Wanda, ’61 (Pixie 7411)

  • No scans found.


Jimmy Dee & The Meteors The Monster Hop/ Don’t Hurt Me No More, ’61 (Pixie 7412)

  • No scans found for the Pixie (Arizona) labels
  • The book dated 1961 and RCS Discogs dates N/A.
    • A sample soundbite is available for ‘The Monster Hop.’


Jimmy Dee – The One I Love/ Please Don’t Go, ’64 (Nashville 5166)

  • I have heard these songs and they sound like the same artist.


as Jimmie Dee (w Chuck Cowan on Guitar) – Guitar Pickin’ Man, ’63 (Inner-Glo 105)

  • Not in book.

by Chuck Cowan & His Guitar – Sweet Frenzy, ’63 (Inner-Glo 105)

  • Not in book.


rcs-discography.com/rcs/artist.php?key=dee-3150 covers Jimmy Dee on the Inner-Glo (Kansas), Pixie (Arizona) and the NV5166 (Nashville) releases.


FYI:  The above groups cause the most difficulty in crediting accurately.  The post omits releases with conflicted attachment to a Jimmy Dee group.


Jimmy Dee (Other Groups)


Universals (Jimmy Dee & His) – (In My Heart) You’ll Always Remain/ If It Wasn’t For Pride, ’62 (V-Tone 236)


Jimmy Dee (Unknown Group) – You Say You Beat Me To The Punch (Answer Record)/ I’ve Got A Secret, ’63 (Cutie 1400)

  • Book listed under Jimmy Dee & The Offbeats.


Jimmy Dee (Country)

– He Took You Today/ Lonesome Heart, ’69 (Trail 101 (SoN 75231))

– Trying Not To Cry/ Naggin’, ’72 (Trail 103 (SoN-110121/2))


The Trail label is located in Nashville.

  • It has not been attributed to any of the above groups.


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