Jewels Groups & Associated Artists

Crows as Jewels (NYC) – Call A Doctor, ’54 (Rama 10) (Released on West Coast as The Jewels.  They are not the West Coast Jewels.)



Jewels (West Coast) as The Marbles – Golden Girl/ Big Wig Walk, ’54 (Lucky 002) (gm: Rudy Jackson, Dee Hawkins, Johnny Torrence, Vernon Knight, James Brown.)


Jewels (West Coast)

– Runnin’/ Hearts Of Stone, ’54 (R and B 1301)

– Oh Yes I Know/ A Fool In Paradise, ’54 (R and B 1303)

– Hearts Can Be Broken/ Angel In My Life, ’55 (Imperial 5351)

– Please Return/ Natural, Natural Ditty, ’55 (Imperial 5362)

– How/ Rickety Rock, ’56 (Imperial 5377)

– My Baby/ Goin’ Goin’ Gone, ’56 (Imperial 5387)

– Hearts Of Stone/ Oh Yes I Know, ’64 (Original Sound 38)

– Keep Your Feet On The Floor (Recorded 1955), ‘64 (Imperial LP 94003)

– No Shoulder To Cry On/ Keep Your Feet On The Floor, ’74 (Imperial 5374)

– One Night (Imperial-Unreleased)

– Skid Row (Imperial-Unreleased)


as Johnny Torrence (w The Jewels) – Rosalie/ Living-From-Day-To-Day, ’54 (R and B 1306)


Jewels (West Coast) (Second Group) – She’s A Flirt/ B. Bomb Baby, ’56 (RPM 474)


Jewels (West Coast) (Third Group) – The Wind/ Pearlie Mae, ’59 (Antler 1102)


Jewels (West Coast) error – Dream/ Try And Get Me, ’54 (R&B 1313 & Ram 1102) (Book error listing.  Artist is Earl Curry.  R&B 1313 is also listed in the book as Blenders (Earl Curry & The).  No scans were found for Ram 1102.)


Jewels (West Coast) error – Pearlie Mae/ The Wind, ’54 (Ram 1102) (One source does list Ram 1102 for these titles but shows no scans.  Both sides were recorded for Buck Ram’s Antler label and released on #1102.  Mixups like this were common in the book and this might be attributed as one of those.


Jewels (West Coast) issued under Allen Roberts – Angel In My Life, ’59 (Knight 2009)

(The Jewels (West Coast) Imperial Master is used.)

Rudy Jackson issued under Allen Roberts – Give Me Your Hand, ’59 (Knight 2009)

(The Rudy Jackson master is used as/per Marv Goldberg.)


Jewels (West Coast) (ref Johnny Torrence) – I Had A Dream/ Strawberry Peak, ’76 (Monogram 117)

(Torrence was a member of the Jewels but this was done during his solo career.)


Jewels (North Hollywood CA) – I Worry ‘Bout You/ Are You Comin’ To The Party, ’59 (Shasta 115) (Writing credit is Melvin Schmidt on both sides.  Book lists under West Coast Jewels.)


Jewels (Philadelphia) (Billy Abbott & The) – Groovy Baby/ Come On And Dance With Me, ’63 (Parkway 874)



Four Jewels became Jewels (Washington)

Opportunity/ Gotta Find A Way, ’64 (Dimension 1034)

– My Song/ This Is My Story, ’64 (Federal 12541) (Book dated 1963.  Produced by James Brown.)

– But I Do/ Smokey Joe, ’65 (Dimension 1048)



Jewels (Ohio Label) (Accom by Johnny And The Sparks) – Jimmy Lee/ The Hash, ’64 (Olimpic 244)


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