Jets Groups

Bachelors (Washington DC) as JetsThe Lovers/ Drag It Home, Baby, ’53 (Rainbow 201)



Flames as Jets (LA) – Volcano/ Gomen Nasai, ’53 (7-11 2101-02)


Hollywood Flames as Jets (LA)

– Got A Little Shadow/ I’ll Hide My Tears, ’53 (7-11 2110-Unreleased)

– Got A Little Shadow/ I’ll Hide My Tears, ’54 (Aladdin 3247)



Ronnie Grey & The Jets (Capitol Group) (Trumpet Solo by Manny Klein) – Run, Manny Run, ’55 (Capitol 3174)

Ronnie Grey & The Jets (Capitol Group) – Sweet Baby, ’55 (Capitol 3174)

(Book listed as part of the (LA) Group.)



Mello-Tones (NY) as Jets – Heaven Above Me/ Millie Brown, ’56 (Gee 1020) (Not the Detroit group of Mello-Tones.)



Jets (Los Angeles CA) as Joy Jordan (w The Jets) – Keep Cool/ Jeebla Jabla Jingo, ’56 (Orpheus 1102)

(No scan for B-side. (Tampa 123 spells as Jeebala Jabula Jingo and credits as ‘Joy Jordan.’  The Tampa 123 B-side flip is ‘The Vamp.’)



Jets (Baton Rouge LA) (Buck Rogers & The) – Rose Marie/ Crazy Baby, ’59 (Montel 2002)



Jets (Pittsburgh) – Soul Dinner/ You Still Got Time To Change Your Mind, ’63 (Arrow 100)

(Writing credits on A-side are Kruspir-Williams.  Some info says this is a pre-Marcels group.  Another says Alan Johnson was their bass singer (brother Fred Johnson who sang bass for the Marcels.  Does anyone know?))


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