Jesters Groups

Lendon Smith With The Jesters (Memphis TN) – Women/ Lost Love, ’56 (Meteor 5030)



Jesters (NY)

– So Strange/ Love No One But You, ’57 (Winley 218)

– Please Let Me Love You/ I’m Fallin [sic] In Love, ’57 (Winley 221)

– The Plea/ Oh Baby, ’58 (Winley 225)


Jesters (NY) backing Charlie White – Nobody’s Fault But Mine/ Dearest To Me, ’58 (Winley 229)


Jesters (NY)

– Now That You’re Gone/ I Laughed, ’58 (Cyclone 5011)

– The Wind/ Sally Green, ’60 (Winley 242)

– Tutti Frutti/ That’s How It Goes, ’61 (Winley 248)

– Come Let Me Show You/ Uncle Henry’s Basement, ’61 (Winley 252)

– What Now My Love/ The Beating Of My Heart, ’86 (Starlight 41)



Jesters (LA Calif) (Buddy Gibson & The) – To Be Or Not To Be/ Meet The Beat {I}, ’59 (Spry 118)



Jesters (New York) (Junior Shank & The) – Be-Bop A-Lula/ Locked Out, ’59 (Madison 127) (A-side scan found.)


Jesters (Buffalo NY) (ref Junior Shank) – Alexander Graham Bull {I}/ The Buffalo, ’62 (Amy 859)

(The book listed the Amy release as part of the (LA) Group.  It is not certain if the ‘Madison’ and ‘Amy’ Jesters share the same group members.)



Jesters (Broadway NYC) (Richie Thompson & The) – Ring A Ling A Ding (Let The Wedding Bells Ring)/ Too Late To Worry, ’61 (Diamond 103)



Jesters (Tennessee Label) as Jimmy Evans (Marianna Ark) And Jesters – Since You’re Gone/ Messy Bessy (My Girl’s Name), ’62 (Shimmy 1054)



Jesters (Memphis) – Cadillac Man/ My Babe, ’66 (Sun 400) (Group was formed in Memphis in 1965.)


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