Jesters Groups

Lendon Smith With The Jesters (Memphis TN) – Women/ Lost Love, ’56 (Meteor 5030)


Jesters (NY)

– So Strange/ Love No One But You, ’57 (Winley 218)

– Please Let Me Love You/ I’m Fallin [sic] In Love, ’57 (Winley 221)

– The Plea/ Oh Baby, ’58 (Winley 225)


backing Charlie White – Nobody’s Fault But Mine/ Dearest To Me, ’58 (Winley 229) 


Jesters (NY)

– Now That You’re Gone/ I Laughed, ’58 (Cyclone 5011)

– The Wind/ Sally Green, ’60 (Winley 242)

– Tutti Frutti/ That’s How It Goes, ’61 (Winley 248)

– Come Let Me Show You/ Uncle Henry’s Basement, ’61 (Winley 252)

– What Now My Love/ The Beating Of My Heart, ’86 (Starlight 41)


Jesters (LA Calif) (Buddy Gibson & The) – To Be Or Not To Be/ Meet The Beat {I}, ’59 (Spry 118)


Jesters (New York) (Junior Shank & The) – Be-Bop A-Lula/ Locked Out, ’59 (Madison 127)

  • Scans found.

As/ Newspaper article @, gms are: Lee [Markish], Roy Gage, Johnny Capella and Junior Shank of New York and Tony DiMaria of Bradford Pa.


Jesters (Buffalo NY) – Alexander Graham Bull {I}/ The Buffalo, ’62 (Amy 859)

  • The book listed the Amy release as part of the (LA) Group.
  • The gms include some of the group on Madison #127.


Jesters (Broadway NYC) (Richie Thompson & The) – Ring A Ling A Ding (Let The Wedding Bells Ring)/ Too Late To Worry, ’61 (Diamond 103)


Jesters (Tennessee Label) as Jimmy Evans (Marianna Ark) And Jesters – Since You’re Gone/ Messy Bessy (My Girl’s Name), ’62 (Shimmy 1054)


Jesters (Memphis) – Cadillac Man/ My Babe, ’66 (Sun 400)

  • Group was formed in Memphis in 1965.


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