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( offers the most complete discography I’ve seen, compete with albums and CDs.

  • The book listed all entries as Jesse Belvin.
    • These listings are reflected in this post and are verified with label scans.
    • Additional notes are posted by the title.


Jay McNeeley [sic] & Orch (Vocal-Jesse Belvin & Three Dots & A Dash) – All That Wine Is Gone/ Don’t Cry Baby, ’51 (Imperial 5115)

  • The book listed as Jesse Belvin.


Jesse Belvin – Dream Girl/ Hang Your Tears Out To Dry, ’51 (Recorded In Hollywood 120 & King 4607, ’53)

  • Others date as 1952.
  • The book did not list King 4607 and no scans were found.


Jesse And Marvin – Dream Girl/ Daddy Loves Baby, ’52 (Specialty 447)

  • The book did not list.


Jesse Belvin – Confusin’ Blues/ Baby Don’t Go, ’52 (Specialty 435)


as Jesse And Marvin – Daddy Loves Baby/ My Love Comes Tumbling Down, ’53 (Recorded In Hollywood 412)

  • No scans found.


Jesse Belvin & The Blue Balladeer & His Band – One Little Blessing/ Gone, ’55 (Specialty 550)

  • The book lists the BB as The Feathers.
  • The Doo-Wop Society of Southern California credits the BB as Bobby Relf & The Laurels.


Jesse Belvin (w ‘Bumps’ Blackwell Band) – Where’s My Girl/ Love, Love Of My Life, ’55 (Specialty 559)

  • The BB is uncredited on the label.
  • The book credits as The Feathers.  All others say BB is Bobby Relf & The Laurels.


Jesse Belvin (w Jackson Bros Orch) – I’m Only A Fool/ Trouble And Misery, ’55 (Money 208)

  • Scans found.


Jesse Belvin – Dear Heart/ Betty My Darling, ’56 (Hollywood 1059)

  • As/Marv Goldberg, The Feathers-uncredited, are the BB.
  • As/ The Doo-Wop Society of Southern California the BB is Bobby Relf & The Laurels, also uncredited.


Jesse Belvin – Beware, ’56 (Cash 1056)

  • BB is uncredited.  See Marv Goldberg’s Hollywood Saxons discography.


Jesse Belvin (w Red Callender Orch) – Dry Your Tears, ’56 (Cash 1056)

  • The book mistitled as ‘Dry Your Eyes.’
  • Dry Your Tears was formerly released as Hang Your Tears Out To Dry.


Jesse Belvin (w Maxwell Davis Orch)

– Senorita/ I Need You So, ’57 (Modern 1013)

– Don’t Close The Door/ By My, ’57 (Modern 1015)


Jesse Belvin

– I’m Not Free/ Sad And Lonesome, ’57 (Modern 1020)

– You Send Me/ Summertime, ’57 (Modern 1025)


Jesse Belvin & Group – Just To Say Hello, ’57 (Modern 1027)

Jesse Belvin (& His Space Riders) – My Satellite, ’57 (Modern 1027)


Jesse Belvin – Little Darling/ Deacon Dan Tucker, ’58 (Knight 2012)

  • Scans found for both sides.


Jesse Belvin (w Don Ralke Vocal Group) – Sentimental Reasons/ Senorita, ’58 (Kent 326)

  • Other sources date 1959 or 1960.


Jesse Belvin & The Sharptones (Jesse Belvin-Buster Williams) – Let Me Dream, ’58 (Aladdin 3431 Promo)

  • The (Jesse Belvin-Buster Williams) credit appears only on the promo scan.

Jesse Belvin & The Sharptones – Let Me Dream/ Sugar Doll, ’58 (Aladdin 3431)

  • The book listed BB as The Feathers which is unconfirmed.


Jessie Belvin (w Shorty Rogers & His Orch & Chorus) – Ever Since We Met, ’58 (RCA 7310)

Jessie Belvin (w Dennis Farnon Orch) – Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu), ’58 (RCA 7310)


Jesse Belvin (w Shorty Rogers’ [sic] & His Orch & Chorus) – Funny/ Pledging My Love, ’58 (RCA 7387)


Jesse Belvin (w Shorty Rogers & His Orch & Chorus) – Guess Who, ’59 (RCA 7469)

Jesse Belvin (w Dennis Farnon & His Orch & Chorus) – My Girl Is Just Enough Woman For Me, ’59 (RCA 7469)


Jesse Belvin (w Shorty Rogers & His Orch & Chorus) – It Could’ve Been Worse/ Here’s A Heart, ’59 (RCA 7543)


Jesse Belvin (w Shorty Rogers & His Orch & Chorus) – Give Me Love, ’59 (RCA 7596)

Jesse Belvin (w Ray Martin Orch & Chorus) – I’ll Never Be Lonely Again, ’59 (RCA 7596)


Jesse Belvin (w Shorty ‘Rogers’ Orch & Chorus)  Something Happens To Me/ The Door Is Always Open, ’60 (RCA 7675)


Jesse Belvin – Goodnight My Love (Pleasant Dreams) (2.10)/ My Desire (2.47), ’59 (Jamie 1145)


Jesse Belvin – Let’s Make Up, ’61 (Crown LP 5187 2-05-The Unforgettable Jesse Belvin)

  • The book listed only this Crown LP track from the album.
  • Whether it’s an album sample or on u-tube, all versions I’ve heard are the same as the Jacks’ RPM 467 ’Let’s Make Up’.  Is there a Jesse Belvin cover or did he play a part in the Jacks recording?


Jesse Belvin Sings – Baby Don’t Go, ’62 (Flash 908A)

  • AA-side flip is by The Enchantments ‘(I Love You) Sherry’.


The Late Jessie Belvin (w The Five Keys) – (This Is My) Love Song, ’63 (Candlelite 427)

  • The book’s dating is used as a default.
  • According to sources the BB is either the Feathers or Bobby Relf & The Laurels not the Five Keys.
  • The flip is ‘Why Don’t You Write Me’ by the Feathers (Show Time 1105) in 1956.


as The Cliques (ft Jesse Belvin) – Don’t Stop Loving Me, ’56 (Modern 967)

  • The flip is ‘Why Oh Why’ credited to The Cliques.

and as

Jessie Belvin

– Goodnight My Love (Pleasant Dreams (2.59)/ Let Me Love You Tonight, ’56 (Modern 1005)

– I Want You With Me Xmas, ’56 (Modern 1005)


Jessie Belvin & The Capris (LA) – Beware (Same version as Cash 1056), ’59 (Tender 518)


Jessie Belvin – Deep In My Heart/ I’m Confessin’, ’59 (Class 267)

  • Ricki Page may have been on these sides.


Chargers (Los Angeles) (w Shorty Rogers’ [sic] Orch) (ref Jesse Belvin) – Old MacDonald/ Dandilyon [sic], ’58 (RCA 7301)


Chargers (Los Angeles) (w Shorty Rogers & His Orch) (ref Jesse Belvin) – Here In My Heart/ The Counterfeiter (Second Version), ’58 (RCA 7417)

  • First version was unreleased.


As/Marv Goldberg, gms: Benny Louis Easley (tenor lead), Dunbar John White (tenor), Johnny “Junior” White (Dunbar’s brother; baritone), Jimmy Norman Scott (second tenor), and Mitchell Alexander (bass).

  • Jessie Belvin was high tenor but not a group member.


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