Jesse Belvin

( offers the most complete discography I’ve seen, compete with albums and CDs.  The book listed all entries as Jesse Belvin.  The listings are reflected in this post and are verified with label scans.  Additional notes are posted by the title.


Jay McNeely & Orch (Vocal-Jesse Belvin & Three Dots & A Dash) – All That Wine Is Gone/ Don’t Cry Baby, ’51 (Imperial 5115) (The book listed as Jesse Belvin.)


Jesse Belvin – Dream Girl/ Hang Your Tears Out To Dry, ’51 (Recorded In Hollywood 120 & King 4607, ’53)

(Others date as 1952.  The book did not list King 4607 and no scans were found.)


Jesse And Marvin – Dream Girl/ Daddy Loves Baby, ’52 (Specialty 447) (The book did not list.)


Jesse Belvin – Confusin’ Blues/ Baby Don’t Go, ’52 (Specialty 435)


Jesse And Marvin – Daddy Loves Baby/ My Love Comes Tumbling Down, ’53 (Recorded In Hollywood 412) (No scan for b-side.)


Jesse Belvin & The Blue Balladeer & His Band – One Little Blessing/ Gone, ’55 (Specialty 550)

(The book credits the BB as The Feathers.  The Doo-Wop Society of Southern California credits the BB as Bobby Relf & The Laurels)


Jesse Belvin (w ‘Bumps’ Blackwell Band) – Where’s My Girl/ Love, Love Of My Life, ’55 (Specialty 559)

(The BB is uncredited on the label.  The book credits as The Feathers.  All others say BB is Bobby Relf & The Laurels.)


Jesse Belvin (w Jackson Bros Orch) – I’m Only A Fool/ Trouble And Misery, ’55 (Money 208) (Scans found.)


Jesse Belvin – Dear Heart/ Betty My Darling, ’56 (Hollywood 1059)

(As/Marv Goldberg The Feathers-uncredited are the BB.  As/ The Doo-Wop Society of Southern California the BB is Bobby Relf & The Laurels, also uncredited.)


Jesse Belvin – Beware, ’56 (Cash 1056) (BB is uncredited-see Marv Goldberg’s Hollywood Saxons discography.)


Jesse Belvin (w Red Callender Orch) – Dry Your Tears, ’56 (Cash 1056) (The book mistitled as Dry Your Eyes.  Dry Your Tears was formerly released as Hang Your Tears Out To Dry.)


Jesse Belvin (w Maxwell Davis Orch)

– Senorita/ I Need You So, ’57 (Modern 1013)

– Don’t Close The Door/ By My, ’57 (Modern 1015)


Jesse Belvin

– I’m Not Free/ Sad And Lonesome, ’57 (Modern 1020)

– You Send Me/ Summertime, ’57 (Modern 1025)


Jesse Belvin & Group – Just To Say Hello, ’57 (Modern 1027)

Jesse Belvin (& His Space Riders) – My Satellite, ’57 (Modern 1027)


Jesse Belvin – Little Darling/ Deacon Dan Tucker, ’58 (Knight 2012) (Scans found for both sides.)


Jesse Belvin (w Don Ralke Vocal Group) – Sentimental Reasons/ Senorita, ’58 (Kent 326) (Other sources date 1959 or 1960.)


Jesse Belvin & The Sharptones (Jesse Belvin-Buster Williams) – Let Me Dream, ’58 (Aladdin 3431) (Book listed BB as The Feathers which is unconfirmed.)

Jesse Belvin & The Sharptones – Sugar Doll, ’58 (Aladdin 3431) (Book listed BB as The Feathers which is unconfirmed.)


Jessie Belvin (w Shorty Rogers & His Orch & Chorus) – Ever Since We Met, ’58 (RCA 7310)

Jessie Belvin (w Dennis Farnon Orch) – Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu), ’58 (RCA 7310)


Jesse Belvin (w Shorty Rogers’ [sic] & His Orch & Chorus) – Funny/ Pledging My Love, ’58 (RCA 7387)


Jesse Belvin (w Shorty Rogers & His Orch & Chorus) – Guess Who, ’59 (RCA 7469)

Jesse Belvin (w Dennis Farnon & His Orch & Chorus) – My Girl Is Just Enough Woman For Me, ’59 (RCA 7469)


Jesse Belvin (w Shorty Rogers & His Orch & Chorus) – It Could’ve Been Worse/ Here’s A Heart, ’59 (RCA 7543)


Jesse Belvin (w Shorty Rogers & His Orch & Chorus) – Give Me Love, ’59 (RCA 7596)

Jesse Belvin (w Ray Martin Orch & Chorus) – I’ll Never Be Lonely Again, ’59 (RCA 7596)


Jesse Belvin (w Shorty ‘Rogers’ Orch & Chorus) –  Something Happens To Me/ The Door Is Always Open, ’60 (RCA 7675)


Jesse Belvin – Goodnight My Love (Pleasant Dreams) (2.10)/ My Desire (2.47), ’59 (Jamie 1145)


Jesse Belvin – Let’s Make Up, ’61 (Crown LP 5187 2-05-The Unforgettable Jesse Belvin)

(The book listed only this Crown LP track from the album.  Whether it’s an album sample or on u-tube, all versions I’ve heard are the same as the Jacks’ RPM 467 ’Let’s Make Up’.  Is there a Jesse Belvin cover or did he play a part in the Jacks recording?)


Jesse Belvin Sings – Baby Don’t Go, ’62 (Flash 908A) (AA-side flip is by The Enchantments ‘(I Love You) Sherry’.)


The Late Jessie Belvin (w The Five Keys) – (This Is My) Love Song, ’63 (Candlelite 427)

(Book’s dating is used as a default.  According to sources the BB is either the Feathers or Bobby Relf & The Laurels not the Five Keys.  The flip is Why Don’t You Write Me by the Feathers (Show Time 1105) in 1956.)



as The Cliques (ft Jesse Belvin) – Don’t Stop Loving Me, ’56 (Modern 967) (The flip is Why Oh Why credited to The Cliques.)


and as


Jessie Belvin

– Goodnight My Love (Pleasant Dreams (2.59)/ Let Me Love You Tonight, ’56 (Modern 1005)

– I Want You With Me Xmas, ’56 (Modern 1005)


Jessie Belvin & The Capris (LA) – Beware (Same version as Cash 1056), ’59 (Tender 518)


Jessie Belvin – Deep In My Heart/ I’m Confessin’, ’59 (Class 267) (Was Ricki Page on these sides?)



Chargers (Los Angeles) (w Shorty Rogers’ [sic] Orch) (ref Jesse Belvin) – Old MacDonald/ Dandilyon [sic], ’58 (RCA 7301)


Chargers (Los Angeles) (w Shorty Rogers & His Orch) (ref Jesse Belvin) – Here In My Heart/ The Counterfeiter (Second Version), ’58 (RCA 7417) (First version was unreleased.)


(As/Marv Goldberg, gms: Benny Louis Easley (tenor lead), Dunbar John White (tenor), Johnny “Junior” White (Dunbar’s brother; baritone), Jimmy Norman Scott (second tenor), and Mitchell Alexander (bass).  Jessie Belvin was high tenor but not a group member.)


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