Jerry Landis/Tico & The Triumphs

Jerry Landis/Paul Simon

Tico/Marty Cooper

Triumps/Marty Cooper, Mickey Borack & Howie Beck

[Other than involvement with the recordings, Paul Simon did not perform or tour with Tico & The Triumphs.]


Jerry Landis – I Wish I Weren’t In Love/ I’m Lonely, ’61 (Canadian American 130)

(Book also lists asby Tico & The Triumphs.  Scans only found for Jerry Landis.  A biography of Marty Cooper says the group was BB on this recording.)

– The Lone Teen Ranger/ Lisa, ’62 (Amy 875 & Jason Scott 22, ’82)

(The Triumphs are BB on both sides.)



Tico And The Triumphs – Motorcycle (Lead Paul Simon)/ I Don’t Believe Them (Lead Marty Cooper), ’61 (Madison 169 & Amy 835)


Tico & The Triumphs – Express Train/ Wild Flower, ’62 (Amy 845) (Lead Paul Simon on both sides.)


Tico (Vocals By The Triumphs) – Cry, Little Boy, Cry/ Get Up And Do The Wobble, ’62 (Amy 860) (Lead Marty Cooper on both sides.)


Tico – Cards Of Love/ Noise, ’63 (Amy 876) (Lead Marty Cooper on both sides.)


Tico & The Triumphs – Cards Of Love/ Noise, ’81 (Jason Scott 14)


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