Jaytones Groups

Jaytones (NY-Timely Group)

– Oh Darling/ The Bells, ’58 (Timely 1003-1004)

  • Writing credits: Philson-Dixon/ Ketchen-Dixon.

Oh Darling, ’62 (Times Square 5, ’62)

  • Flip is ‘Crying For You’ by the Centuries (CT).
    • Other than sharing a label side on Times Square 5, there is no relationship between any Jaytones group, the Centuries (CT) or the Revlons (NY).


Jaytones (NY-Brunswick Group) – The Clock/ Gasoline, ’58 (Brunswick 55087)

  • Writing credits: Beverly Ross-Julius Dixon/ Julius Dixon.


Jaytones (Bronx) – Absolutely Right/ My Only Love, ’60 (Cub 9057)

  • Young teenage-sounding group.
  • Writing credits: McCoy-London-Kirkland/ J&J Sahagian-Kirkland.