Jades Groups

Jades (Los Gatos CA) & Related Releases


as Bobby Klint & The Jades

– Moana/ Rock Me The Blues, ’59 (Christy 109)

– Lovely Lady (Please Be Mine)/ Pretend, ’59 (Christy 117)


Jades (Los Gatos CA) (w The Pacers Band)

– The Big Beach Party/ Oh Why! (Do I Love You So), ’59 (Christy 110)

– Applesauce/ Tell Me Pretty Baby, ’59 (Christy 111)


Jades (Los Gatos CA) (w The Rocket Flames Band)

– Friday Night With My Baby/ Don’t Be A Fool, ’59 (Christy 113)

– Look For A Lie/ Blue Memories, ’59 (Christy 114)


as Jerry Coulston & The Jades (w The Pacers Band) – Bon-Bon-Baby/ Cave Man Hop, ’59 (Christy 112)


as Jerry Coulston & The Jades, Ron & The Pacers Orch – Go Ask Your Mama/ What’s A Personality, ’59 (Christy 119)


as Jerry Coulston & The Jades (w The Pacers Band) – Bon-Bon-Baby, ’60 (Christy 131)

as Jerry Coulston & The Jades, Ron & The Pacers Orch – Go Ask Your Mama, ’60 (Christy 131)


as McMillin Brothers & The Jades (Ron & The Pacers Orch) – Let It Be Me, ’59 (Christy 120)

as McMillin Brothers (Ron And The Pacers Orch) – Satisfied, ’59 (Christy 120)


by Joey Berlin & The Jades – Just You And I And Love/ With Hope In My Heart, ’60 (Christy 122)

  • No scans found.


by Chris Newton & The Jades – Impala/ Hello And Good-Bye, ’61 (Mikesell 134)

  • No scans found.


Jades (Other Groups Listed in the book)


Jades (Toronto-Joseph Henry Group)

– I’m Pretending/ Beverly, ’58 (Dot 15822) 

– I Sit Alone/ I Wonder, ’58 (REO 8314)


Jades (Long Island) (ref Lou Reed) – Leave Her For Me/ So Blue, ’58 (Time 1002)

Group members: Lewis Allen Reed (Lou Reed), Phil Harris & Al Walters.


Jades Bluetone Orch (Charleston WV) – Walking All Alone/ Hey, Little Girl, ’59 (Nau-Voo 807)

  • A comment by Ron Brooks (group member) @ http://www.45cat.com/record/nc652122us locates the Jades (singing group) and the Bluetone Orchestra (band) in Charleston WV.  He further lists the Jades gms: Ron Brooks, Dave Ellison, Gene Moffatt, and Denzil Shamblin.


Jades (Louisiana Label) (Emmet & The) – Hit The Road/ They Tell Me, ’60 (Rustone 1404)

  • Not in book.


Jades (Louisiana Label) (Emmett & The) – No One/ Blowin’ The Rock {I}, ’61 (Rustone 1405)


Jades (Emett & The) – The Nearness Of You/ Change Of Plan (Bandstand Records International 1005)

  • Not in book.


Featured artist spelling is as/ label scan.


Jades (East Chicago, In) (ft Dan Fabian) – What Made Maggie Run, ’61 (Adona 1445)

Jades (East Chicago, In) (ft Dave Koontz) – Hey Senorita, ’61 (Adona 1445)


Jades (Houston Tx) (Freddy Koenig & The) – Hey Clarice/ One Last Tear Drop, ’63 (Lori 9548)

Jades (Houston Tx) (Freddy Koenig & The) – Hey, Clarice!/ One Last Teardrop, ’63 (Valerie 225)


The book did not list other releases by this group.


Debonaires (Long Beach CA) as Jades (Long Beach) – Hold Back The Dawn/ When They Ask About You, ’63 (Doré 687)


Rogues (San Antonio) (Robb London & The) formerly as Bobby Jenkins & The Jades

– Jeanne Be Good/ The Gods Were Angry With Me, ’64 (Astro 1002)

– You Mean Everything To Me/ Hey Man, ’64 (Beckingham 1080)


Bobby Jenkins = Robb London


Jades (NY) – He’s My Guy/ There Will Come A Day, ’64 (Port 70042)

  • Girl group.


Jades (Tennessee) – My Loss, Your Gain/ I Know The Feelin, ’64 (Poncello 7703)


Jades (Northwest Ohio) – Walking Along/ When You Love Me, ’65 (Prism 1924)


Jades (Ft Worth, Tx) – I’m All Right/ Till I Die, ’65 (Ector 101)


4 thoughts on “Jades Groups

  1. The Jades….I’m pretending/beverly….1958. This is my father in laws record. Joseph Henry from Toronto. Originally on REO record label, then on Dot records.

    Leave her to me …..is not one of his songs….no connection. “Time” records published Lou Reeds…..the Jades. Not Joseph Henry’s…..The a Jades. Two different bands, no connection.

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