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Invictors (Atlanta) as New Invictors – Deeply In Love With You/ She Wouldn’t Quit It, ’62 (Hale 500)

(Group was listed in book as New Invictas.  Label scans are as New Invictors.  The Hale label’s Atlanta location, the group sound and writing credits of T. Moon are all comparable to the Invictors on TPE.)


Invictors (Atlanta) (Writing credits-Levi (Tony) Moon)

– This Thing Called Love/ The Wiggle, ’62 (TPE 8217)

– Don’t Take My Love/ Babalonian, ’62 (TPE 8219)

– Where All Lovers Meet/ That’s All Right, ’62 (TPE 8221)

– I Took A Chance/ Put Her Down, ’63 (TPE 8223)


as Vendors – Where All Lovers Meet/ That’s All Right, ’63 (Victorio 128)

A comment by ‘Apesville’ @ links the Vendors to the Invictors.



Invictors (Pennsylvania) (Music By The Royal Dukes) – I’ll Always Care For You/ I Don’t Wanna Go, ’62 (Bee 1117)


Invictors (Pennsylvania) as Termites (ref Barry Boswell) – Carrie Lou, ’63 (Bee 1825)


Termites (Farrago’s other Termites Group) – Give Me Your Heart, ’63 (Bee 1825)

(This side is by an unknown group.  They are not connected to the Invictors/Termites or Silhouettes.)


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