Intervals Groups

Intervals (Los Angeles) (w Chick Morris & His Band)

– Please Come Back To Me/ Don’t Leave Me, ’58 (Ad 103)

– Side Street/ I Still Love That Man, ’58 (Ad 104 & Apt 25019)


Intervals (Los Angeles) (Chick Morris’ Band) – Try To Realize/ Love Me Sweet, ’58 (Irma 820)


Intervals (Los Angels) Group Members:  Cleve O’Dear (Lead / Tenor), La Valle Lee (Baritone), Denise Perrier (Soprano), La Monte Lee (Bass).


Intervals (West Coast) (ref Fifth Dimension)

– You Are My Only Love/ Funny How Time Goes By, ’62 (Class-Unreleased)

– Here’s That Rainy Day/ Wish I Could Change My Mind, ’62 (Class 304)


Note:  The Intervals group on ‘Class,’ also from Los Angeles, included Ron Townson and Lamonte McLemore, two members who are later involved in the formation of the Versatiles (Bronco) and the Fifth Dimension in St. Louis.


The two Intervals groups above, are not the same group.  There are many sources linking them ‘as one’ and mixing group members to add to the confusion.  Listen to the sides for the ’58 group and the ’62 group.