Interludes Groups

Interludes (Boston) – I Shed A Million Tears/ Oo-Wee, ’58 (RCA 7281)



Interludes (Fircrest, Washington) as The Ben Taravello Combo (The Interludes) – I Want You To Know/ Split A Kiss, ’59 (Star-Hi 103)

(Scans found.  For more info, has a brief group history.… has more about the songs.  Both sides play on youtube.)



Interludes (Knoxville Label) – Heartbreaker, ’59 (Valley 1005)

Interludes (Knoxville Label) (ft Mickey Milan) – Scandalous, ’59 (Valley 1005)


Interludes (Knoxville Label)

– (Fort) Lauderdale/ No One For Me, ’60 (Valley 106)

– White Sailor Hat/ Evil, ’60 (Valley 107)



Interludes (White Quartet) – Beautiful, Wonderful, Heavenly You/ Number One In The Nation, ’61 (ABC-Paramount 10213)



Interludes (King Group) – Darling, I’ll Be True/ Wilted Rose Bud, ’62 (King 5633) (Group location unknown.)


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