Ideals Groups

Ideals (New Jersey) – Do I Have The Right/ You Won’t Like It, ’58 (Cool 108)

(Group becomes Ovations (New Jersey))



Ideals (East Paterson NJ)

– My Girl/ Annie Was A Stroller, ’58 (Decca 30720)

– Ivy League Lover/ Don’t Be A Baby, Baby, ’59 (Decca 30800)



Ideals (Los Angeles) – Always Yours/ Please Jan, ’59 (Stars Of Hollywood 1001)

(Female lead on a-side.  Male lead on b-side.)



Ideals (Chicago) (Johnny Brantley Group) – Knee Socks/ Mary’s Lamb, ’59 (Checker 920 & Checker 979, ’61)


Ideals (Chicago) (ref Major Lance)

– Together/ What’s The Matter With You Sam, ’61 (Paso 6401 & Dusty Disc) (No scan for Dusty Disc.)

– Magic/ Teens, ’61 (Paso 6402 & Dusty Disc 472)



Ideals (Valley Stream NY) – The Duchess/ Trans Zizstor, ’62 (Fargo 1024) {I} (Writer Bob Schwartz.)


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