Hustlers Groups

Hustlers (Hollywood) – Eight Ball/ Inertia, ’64 (Downey 118)


Hustlers (Hollywood) (Richard Ward & The) – The Well Of Loneliness/ (The Long Drink Of Water In A) Topless Bathing Suit, ’64 (Downey 121)


Carl Burnett & The Hustlers (Los Angeles) (ref Romans) – Sweet Memories/ Jerk Baby Jerk, ’65 (Carmax 102)


Hustlers (Cleveland) (Vocal Jeff Gould) – Goodbye/ That’s What Makes Her Boss, ’65 (Fascination 6570)


The group performed live as the Sensations/SenSationS in Cleveland.


There does not seem to be a recording history for the SenSationS group.  They are not the Sensations who recorded for the Way Out label.


Hustlers (Sacramento) – Linda (Live)/ Wipeout, ’65 (Rich 113)