Hornets Groups

Hornets (Cleveland) – I Can’t Believe/ Lonesome Baby, ’53 (States 127)


Hornets (Cleveland) – P-Vine Special LP 9036 1981

Side B: Tracks 1-5

Lonesome Baby, You Played The Game (unissued), Ridin’ And Rockin’ (unissued), I Can’t Believe That You’re In Love, Big City Bounce (unissued).

Side A is by Five C’s + Tracks 6 &7 on B side.


See uncamarvy.com/Hornets/hornets.html notes, discography and the Hornets involvement backing artists on Way Out.


Hornets (Los Angeles) – Crying Over You/ Tango Moon, ’57 (Flash 125)


Hornets (Phoenix AZ Label) – Strollin’/ Slow Dance, ’58 (Rev 3515)


Don Ray (w The Hornets (Connecticut)) – I Dreamed Of You/ Silly Dilly, ’59 (Hornet 501)


Hornets (Detroit) – She’s My Baby/ Give Me A Kiss, ’64 (VIP 25004)


Hornetts – Happy Boy/ Papa Knew, ’64 (Wand 153)

  • Book listed as Nornetts.