Honeytones Groups

Honeytones (NJ) (Female Quartet)

– Somewhere, Sometime, Someday/ Too Bad, ’55 (Mercury 70557)

– Honeybun Cha Cha/ False Alarm, ’55 (Wing 90013)


Ray Errico (w Honeytones) – Humty Dumty Rock/ My Sweetheart, ’56 (Masquerade 56003)

  • As/ 45cat comment on the release, the artist is a Juvenile lead with adult male chorus.


Honeytones (NY) (Female) – Don’t Look Now, But —, I Know – I Know, ’58 (Big Top 3002)


Gene Worth (The Honeytones) – When You Are Mine/ I’ll Never Leave You Alone, ’58 (Ace 118)

  • Scans were found @  www.45cat.com/record/a118us with a 1958 date.  Ace 118 has a NY label address.
  • The book listed with the (NJ) Honeytones female quartet on Mercury & Wing, but separately from the Big Top group.  I have not heard either Ace 118 side.


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    • See above for an update to the Honeytones post.
      Do you have historic information about a connection between Gene Worth and the Hollywood Saxons, such as titles, labels, artist credits he was involved with? Please let me know what you have found.

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