Honey Bees Groups

The Honey Bees groups were originally posted (10-09-12) together with The Bees & Honey & The Bees.  Separating the groups makes the posts easier to distinguish the Bees (Honey & The) from the Honey Bees groups.


as Gay Notes – Hear My Plea/ Crossroads, ’55 (Post 2006)


Honey Bees (California)

– Let’s See What’s Happening/ Endless, ’56 (Imperial 5400)

– Whats [sic] To Become Of Me/ Just To Live Again, ’56 (Imperial 5416)


as Gay Notes – Once He Loved Me/ Strange As It May Seem, ’58 (Aladdin 3424)

  • As/info on rateyourmusic, the sides were recorded on November 19, 1957 but unreleased.
  • No scans were found. The book listed as the Gaynotes but most sources say Gay Notes.


The Post, Imperial and Aladdin releases all sound like the same group.


Honey Bees (LA) – One Girl, One Boy/ No Guy, ’64 (Vee Jay 611)

  • Producer David Gates.


Cookies (Second Group) as Honey Bees (NY) – One Wonderful Night/ She Don’t Deserve You, ’64 (Fontana 1939)


This is the first Carol King-constructed Honey Bees group.

  • Lead singer is Margaret Ross of The Cookies.
  • Some discographies are distinct in listing this release as the ‘only’ one the Cookies did as this pseudonym.


Orchids (New York) as Honey Bees – Some Of Your Lovin’/ You Turn Me On Boy, ’65 (Fontana 1505)


This Carol King group of Honey Bees is the Orchids who recorded for Columbia.

  • There is a posting on the subject by New Jersey DJ Richard Sibello at (ontherecordshow.blogspot.com.)  In his blog archive, scroll to Sept 2012 articles to find Sibello’s Honey Bees article).


Honey Bees (Texas)

– Let’s Get Back Together/ Never In A Million Years, ’66 (Wand 1141-unreleased & Garrison 3005)

– Let’s Get Back Together, ’84 (Kent 022)


Honeybees (ft La La) (Pennsylvania) – Kiss Me My Love/ Give Your Love To Me, ’64 (Bee 1101)