Honey Bees Groups

The Honey Bees were originally posted (10-09-12) with the Bees & Honey & The Bees.  Separating the groups makes the posts easier to distinguish the Bees (Honey & The) from the Honey Bees.


Honey Bees (California) as Gay Notes – Hear My Plea/ Crossroads, ’55 (Post 2006)


Honey Bees (California)

– Let’s See What’s Happening/ Endless, ’56 (Imperial 5400)

– Whats [sic] To Become Of Me/ Just To Live Again, ’56 (Imperial 5416)


Honey Bees (California) as Gay Notes – Once He Loved Me/ Strange As It May Seem, ’58 (Aladdin 3424)

(As/info on rateyourmusic, the sides were recorded on November 19, 1957 but unreleased.  No scans were found.  The book listed as the Gaynotes but most sources say Gay Notes.  The Post, Imperial and Aladdin releases all sound like the same group.)



Honey Bees (LA) – One Girl, One Boy/ No Guy, ’64 (Vee Jay 611) (Producer David Gates.)



Cookies (Second Group) as Honey Bees (NY) – One Wonderful Night/ She Don’t Deserve You, ’64 (Fontana 1939)

(This is the first Carol King constructed Honey Bees group.  Lead singer is Margaret Ross of The Cookies.  Some discographies are distinct in listing this release as the ‘only’ one the Cookies did as this pseudonym.)



Orchids (New York) as Honey Bees – Some Of Your Lovin’/ You Turn Me On Boy, ’65 (Fontana 1505)

(This Carol King group of Honey Bees is the Orchids who recorded for Columbia.  There is a posting on the subject by New Jersey DJ Richard Sibello at (ontherecordshow.blogspot.com.)  In his blog archive, scroll to Sept 2012 articles to find Sibello’s Honey Bees article).



Honey Bees (Texas)

– Let’s Get Back Together/ Never In A Million Years, ’66 (Wand 1141-unreleased & Garrison 3005)

– Let’s Get Back Together, ’84 (Kent 022)



Honeybees (ft La La) (Pennsylvania) – Kiss Me My Love/ Give Your Love To Me, ’64 (Bee 1101)


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