Hollywood Saxons & Related Groups

Hollywood Saxons as Saxons – Please Be My Love Tonight/ Home On The Range, ’57 (Our-No#) (No scans found.)



Hollywood Saxons as The Capris (LA)

– Endless Love, ’59 (Tender 518)

(The flip ‘Beware’ is released as Jessie Belvin & The Capris but is reported to be a reissue of Jesse Belvin on Cash 1056.)

– Endless Love, ’65 (Impact 34) (As/Marv Goldberg, the flip is ‘Angie’ by Al Anthony Hoard.)

(The book listed ‘Endless Love (Slow Version)/ Endless Love (Fast Version), on Impact 34.  No scans found.)



Saxons as The Portraits (LA) – Close To You/ Easy Cash, ’59 (Capitol 4181)

Hollywood Saxons as Tuxedos – Yes It’s True/ Trouble, Trouble, ’60 (Forte 1414)



Hollywood Saxons

– Every Day’s A Holiday/ LA Lover, ’61 (Swingin’ 631)

– Everyday’s A Holiday/ LA Lover, ’62 (Elf 101 & 20th Fox 312)

– I’m Your Man/ It’s You, ’62 (Elf 103 & Swingin’ 651, ’64)

– Everyday Holiday/ LA Lover, ’62 (Hareco 102)

– Merry Go Round/ Laughing Girl, ’68 (Swingin’ 654-Old Masters)


Saxons (Jesse Belvin Group) – Is It True/ Rock And Roll Show, ’65 (Relic 1011) (Relic mistakenly credited the Hollywood Saxons with these titles.) 



Hollywood Saxons (Stan Beverly & The)

– The Tears Come Rolling Down/ Diamonds, ’63 (Entra 1214)

(As/Marv Goldberg (www.uncamarvy.com/HollywoodSaxons/hollywoodsaxons.html) the music for Diamonds is the same as the music for ‘Spinning’ by the Senders on Entra 711 (1961).


Hollywood Saxons (ft Stande [sic] Beverly) – Loving You/ Laughing Blues, ’64 (Action Pac 111)


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