Hollywood Argyles

Label scans were used to confirm title spellings.


Gary Paxton – The Way I See It/ You’re Ruinin’ My Gladness, ’60 (Lute 5801)

(Book listed under El Pauling & The Royaltones (2).  History article and label pic confirm it is by Gary Paxton.)



Hollywood Argyles

– Alley-Oop/ Sho’ Know A Lot About Love, ’60 (Lute 5905)

– Gun Totin Critter Called Jack/ Bug-Eye, ’60 (Lute 5908)

– Hully Gully/ So Fine, ’60 (Lute 6002)

– See You In The Morning/ The Morning After (The Night Before), ’61 (Finer Arts 1002)

– You Been Torturing Me/ The Grubble, ’61 (Paxley 752)

– (My Real Boss) Bossy-Nover/ Find Another Way, ’63 (Felsted 8674)

– Long Hair, Unsquare Dude Called Jack/ Ole’, ’65 (Chattahoochee 691) (No artist credited on the b-side.)


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