Holidays & Hollidays Groups + Royal Holidays

Holidays (Cincinnati) (Group is a 3 male/2 female Quintet.)


Holidays (w Tom Eldridge) – List’nin’ To The Green Grass Grow, ’52 (King 15200)

Holidays – You’ll Never Get Away, ’52 (King 15200)



– (Shine ‘Em! Shake ‘Em! Roll ‘Em!) Let The Dice Decide/ Just Out Of Reach, ’53 (King 1246)

– Ima-Lika-You (Pizza Pie)/ Rolling River, ’53 (King 1217)

– You’ll Never Get Away/ List’nin’ To The Green Grass Grow, ’56 (King 1520) (Sources refer back to the 1952 release #15200.)



Holidays (Los Angeles) – Irene/ Aw-Aw Baby, ’54 (Specialty 533) (Book listed as Group (2))



Holidays (NY Label-Melba Group) – The Robin/ Desperately, ’57 (Melba 112)



(See a history of the group on  Use the link below (in comments.)


Holidays (Oakland CA) – Never Go To Mexico, ’58 (Music City 818)

(A-side flip ‘Music City Hop’ is an instrumental by Johnny George.)


as Hollidays (Oakland Label) (& The Blazers Band) – Got My Letter (2:30)/ The New Trucking, ’61 (Lyons 107)

(Book listed under Holidays (5) groups titling the A-side as ‘Got Your Letter.’  Label scan is ‘Got My Letter.’


error as Bobby Holiday (& Group) – My Letter (1:50)/ Come Home, ’61 (Port 70027)

(Dating as 1961, the book lists separately from any Holidays group.  Other than dating discrepancies, the book is correct to separate Bobby Holiday from the Oakland Holidays.)

A community error has assumed Bobby Holiday is the same as the Oakland Holidays.  youtube sites play Lyons #107 and Port #70027 as the same song.  There is a title and timing difference.  (…) plays an entirely different audio sample of Port 70027 with a female backing group.  It is not the same as “Got My Letter’ by the Hollidays & Blazer Band but rather a song with ‘My Letter’ in the lyrics.)


Holidays (Oakland CA) – Send Back My Love/ Deacon Brown vs The Devil, ’63 (Galaxy 714)



Holidays (NY Label-Brunswick Group) – Sands Of Gold/ French Riviera, ’58 (Brunswick 55084)

(This is a female-led pop group.  Scans as Holidays/book listing as Hollidays and in error mixed with the group on Prep.)



Holidays (Jersey City NJ) – Crazy Discharge/ Refreshing, ’59 (Pam 111)

(Seller noted this was a white group on NJ label.)



Holidays (Atlanta Label-Lowery Music) – Who Knows/ My Heart Never Knows, ’59 (Wonder 115)



Holidays (NY Label-Andie Group) – Who Knows? Who Cares?/ The Stars Will Remember, ’60 (Andie 5019)

(It is unverified but a Seller listed this as a white group.  Group location is needed.)



Holidays (Nashville Group) – A Very Merry Christmas/ The Merry Christmas Song, ’60 (Monument 431)

(Sources say this is the Anita Kerr Singers.)



Holidays (Austin Tx) – Love That’s True/ To Me, ’60 (Wiljer 6002) (Book listed as Group 11))



Holidays (Georgia Label) – Down By The Shore/ Cathy Darling, ’60 (Mark IV 725-726)

(Book listed separately as Group (10) and dated as N/A.  See comment.)



Holidays (Pittsburgh)

– One Little Kiss/ My Girl, ’61 (Nix 537)

– Pretend/ Miss You, ’61 (Robbee 103)

– Then I’ll Be Tired Of You/ Lonely Summer, ’61 (Robbee 107)



Holidays (South Carolina) (Dick Holler & The)

– King Kong/ The Girl Next Door, ’61 (Herald 566)

– Hey Little Fool/ Hooba-Grooba, ’62 (Comet 2146)

– Double Shot (Of My Baby’s Love)/ Yea-Boo, ’62 (Comet 2152)



Holidays (NY-Girl Group) – Come Back To Me/ No Other Love (Like Yours), ’61 (Brent 7018)

(Both sides were previously released as the Fi-Dells on Warner 1014 and subsequently as Suzy & The Copycats on Brent 7020.  The label owner, Bob Shad owned the Warner, Brent, Time & Shad labels.)



The Manhattan Holidays were Groups (4) and (7).  

Holidays (Manhattan) as Tony & The Holidays – There Goes My Heart Again/ My Love Is Real, ’62 (ABC-Paramount 10295)

(The book listing on ABC 10029, ’59 is an error.  #10029 is by Vince Martin.)


Holidays (Manhattan) as Bud Christie & The Holidays – Time To Dream (Brahms Lullaby/ My Love Is Real, ’62 (Sabina (Promo) 506)


Holidays (Manhattan) as Buddy Sheppard & The Holidays

– Time To Dream (Brahms Lullaby)/ My Love Is Real, ’62 (Sabina 506)

– That Background Sound/ Now It’s All Over, ’63 (Sabina 510)

(Sabina is Belmonts-owned not an aka.  Fred Milano and Angelo D’Aleo of the Belmonts provided background vocals on Sabina 510 but were uncredited on the label.)


Holidays (Manhattan) as The Standards

– Hello Love/ My Heart Belongs To Only You, ’63 (Magna 1314 & Chess 1869)

– It Isn’t Fair/ Everybody Knows, ’63 (Magna 1315 & Glenden 1315, ’64)



Holidays (Track Group) – Patty Ann/ Big Brown Eyes, ’63 (Track 101)

(A different group than the Holidays on Colt 45 who released Big Brown Eyes/Cold Shoulder in 1959.)



Holidays (Madison Tennessee/Bob Montgomery) – I Want You To Love Me/ Love And Learn, ’64 (Coral 62430)



Holidays (Springfield Illinois) – Pearl Diver/ Concussion, ’65 (Dixie 1074) {I}


Holidays (Springfield Illinois) – I Got News For You/ I Want To Do It, ’66 (Dixie 1145)


as Holidays Combo – Little Miss Hurt/ Land Of 1,000 Dances, ’66 (Dixie 1156)

High-School-aged group.



Holidays (Long Beach)

– Chant Of The Isles, ’65 (Relic LP 102 A09)

– Adios, ’65 (Relic LP 102 B02)

– My Baby Loves Me, ’65 (Relic LP 102 B03)

– It Happened Today, ’65 (Relic LP 102 B05)

– Time After Time, ’65 (Relic LP 102 B07)

– This I Swear/ Summertime, ’66 (Relic 542)



Holidays (Detroit) (Lead Edwin Starr) – I’ll Love You Forever, ’66 (Golden World 36)

Holidays (Detroit) – Makin’ Up Time {I}, ’66 (Golden World 36)

(Edwin Starr is not a group member of the Holidays (Detroit).  ( explains his involvement with ‘I’ll Love You Forever’.)


Holidays (Detroit) – No Greater Love/ Watch Out Girl, ’66 (Golden World 47)




Hollidays (w The Gerald Wilson Orchestra) (NYC-Prep)– The Wonder Of Love/ I’m Not Ashamed, ’58 (Prep 136)

(Youtube post indicates this group recorded only one single.  Male-led with male background.)




The Royal Holidays are a Detroit group and included here to avoid mixup with other Holidays groups.

Royal Holidays (Detroit)

– Margaret/ I’m Sorry (I Did You Wrong), ’58 (Penthouse 9357 & Carlton 472)

– Swingin’ At The Bandstand/ Down In Cuba, ’59 (Herald 536)

(A-scan at  The book and other sources list as ‘Rockin’ At The Bandstand.’ 

– Dancin’ At The Bandstand (Herald 536-repo/bootleg)

(See scan link for Dancin’ At The Bandstand at


Of interest, Herald 536 is a duplicate # also released under the Mello Kings, ‘Chip Chip’ (1:58) and ‘Running To You’ (2:39).  Under the Mello Kings titles there is a label misprint with the two Royal Holidays titles as the songs.  Chip Chip is ‘Down In Cuba’ (1:48) and ‘Running To You’ is ‘Swingin’ At the Bandstand’ (2:04).


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