Hit-Makers & Hitmakers Groups

Hit-Makers Listing Error – Pretty Little Mama/ Will you, ’59 (Beat 526)

  • Scan credit is by Joe Hinton (w Dick Stahl Orch) (Texas).


Hit-Makers (Harlem Label) – I Can’t Take It Anymore/ Too Cool, ’59 (Angletone 1104)

  • Major discographers do not include this group with the Bobby Adams-connected ‘Hitmakers.’


Hitmakers (Los Angeles) (ft Rodney Gooden) – Chapel Of Love, ’58 (Original Sound 1)

Hitmakers (Los Angeles) (ft Bobby Adams) – Cool School, ’58 (Original Sound 1)


Hitmakers (Linda Lou & The) (ref ‘DeeDee’ of Dick & DeeDee) – The Torch Is Out/ The Difference In Our Ages, ’62 (Lama 7786)

  • Book dated 1965.
  • ‘The Torch is Out’ is a promo scan.


Hitmakers (Doré) (Backed by The Bostweeds) – How To Make A Hit Record/ Buttermilk, ’65 (Doré 738)

  • No scan for b-side.
  • Writing credits: Rick Jarrard-Donna Di Martino.
    • Writers were part of Greenwood Country Singers.