Highlights Groups & Frank Pizani

Highlights (Chicago) (ref Frank Pizani)

– City Of Angels/ Listen, My Love, ’56 (Bally 1016)

– To Be With You/ Will I Ever Know, ’57 (Bally 1027)

– Indiana Style/ Turn Around Shoes, ’58 (Bally 1044)


Frank Pizani (w Lew Douglas & His Orch) – Every Time/ Angry, ’57 (Bally 1040) (There was apparently some discord between the Highlights and Frank Pizani with the label clearly crediting Lew Douglas & His Orchestra on the Bally sides.


Frank Pizani (w Orchestra and Chorus) – Lisa The Tower Of Pisa/ You’re Breaking My Heart, ’58 (Carlton 476)


Frank Pizani (Unconfirmed Highlights as BB.)

– Wanta Dance/ It’s No Fun, ’59 (Afton 616) (‘Wanta’ could be other pressing or repo.)

– Wanna Dance/ It’s No Fun, ’59 (Afton 616)

– The Stars Will Remember/ Steady Cha Cha, ’59 (Afton 617)



Toneblenders (Featuring Ernestine With The Highlights (Minnesota)) – I Thank Heaven, ’58 (Play 1002) (Book listed as Tuneblenders.)


Toneblenders (With Highlights (Minnesota)) – I’m In Love With You, ’58 (Play 1002)


Highlights (Minnesota) – Ah, So/ Studio Blues {I}, ’58 (Play 1004) (Some label pressings indicate this is a Minnesota label.  The Play label discography states this is a Cleveland label.)



Highlights (Philadelphia) (Barry & The) – Xmas Bell Rock/ Chil-E Baby, ’60 (Baye 511 & Airmaster 700)



Highlights (New Jersey) (Little Angie & The) – Baby Doll/ For Your Love, ’70 (Essay 253) (A former group member commented on u-tube that the recordings were done at Long Branch, New Jersey.)


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