Hi-Tones/Hi Tones & High Tones/Hightones

Hi-Tones (Oakland CA Label) (Big Mama Thornton & The) – Don’t Talk Back/ Big Mama’s Coming Home, ’53 (Irma 13)



Bob Jaxon (w The Hi-Tones) (ref John Barry) – Why Does A Woman Cry/ Ali Baba, ’55 (Cadence 1264)



Shytones (Brooklyn) as Hi-Tones

– Lovers [sic] Quarrel/ Just For You, ’58 (Fonsca 201)

– No More Pain/ I Don’t Know Why, ’61 (Fonsco [sic] 202)



Hi-Tones (Lenny Wayne & The) – That’s All I Want To Do/ You Didn’t Have To Laugh, ’58 (Sky Line 701) (Some sources date as 1963.)


Hi-Tones (Leonard Wayne & The) – That’s All I Want To Do, ’64 (Andre 701)

as Leonard Wayne & The Impacts – You Didn’t Have To Laugh, ’64 (Andre 701)



Hi-Tones (Los Angeles) – The Special Day/ I’ve Never Seen A Straight Banana, ’60 (Candix 307)



Hi-Tones (New York) – Girls/ Sure As The Flowers, ’61 (Seg-Way 105)



Hi Tones (Unknown Group) – Fool, Fool, Fool/ Let’s Have A Good Time, ’60 (King 5414)



Hi Tones (New Orleans) – What Was The Cause Of It All/ Don’t Leave Me No Choice, ’61 (Eon 101)



Hi Tones (Hollywood CA Label) (Charles Andrea & The) – Didn’t We Have A Nice Time/ Open Up Your Heart, ’61 (Tori Ltd T-2X)



Claud & The High Tones – Bucket Head {I}/ Doodle Bug (Bossa) {I}, ’59 (Bay-Tone 113-114)


Claude & The Hightones (California) – High Sailing {I}/ Monkey Stuff {I}, ’59 (Pam Mar 614-615)

(Info found said sides were recorded at same time as Bay-Tone.  Some say released in 1962.)



Johnny Wyatt & The Hightones (LA) – We Met At A Dance/ Wondering Why, ’59 (Big Time 1927)


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