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The Hico Hi-Liters (George Vereen, Wiseman Moon, Calvin Williams, Furman Haynes and Claude Chandler) began in the 40s as The Deep Tones.  See (vocalgroupharmony.com/ROWNEW/CastleRk.htm) for their history.  Including the Coral scans provided, this post includes release information found for the Savoy/King Solomon and Musicon labels.


Deep Tones (NYC)

– My God Calls Me/ Jesus’ Love Bubbles Over, ’48 (King Solomon 1025)

– When The Storm Of Life Is Over/ Made Up My Mind, ’48 (King Solomon 1026)


Deep Tones (NYC) as 4 Deep Tones

– Castle Rock/ Just In Case You Change Your Mind, ’51 (Coral 65061)

– The Night You Said Goodbye/ When The Saints Go Marching In, ’51 (Coral 65062)


Deep Tones (NYC) as The Deeptones – My Prayer, ’54 (Music City 736 & Musicon 736)

(Book listed as Deeptones.  No scans were found.)


Recorded on Brooklyn NY label and likely after the name change but before the group moved to Portland Oregon.

Hi-Liters (West Coast) (w Richard Meisler & His Orchestra) – Ain’t Givin’ Up Nothing/ Undecided Now, ’56 (Celeste 3005) (Book listed as Hi-Lighters.)


Hi-Liters (West Coast) (w King Bassie & The Three Aces) – Let Me Be True To You/ In The Night, ’58 (Hico 2432)


Hi-Liters (West Coast) & The Hamiltones – Over The Rainbow/ Baby Please Be True, ’58 (Hico 2433)

Hi-Liters (West Coast) – Over The Rainbow, ’60 (Zirkon 1006) (The flip ‘Josephine’ is by The Mastertones.)


as Johnny Hamilton & The Hiliters – Sabada, ’58 (Hico 2434)

as Al Hickey & The Hiliters – Later Baby, ’58 (Hico 2434)
Hico 2434 was not included in the book. According to a Calvin Williams interview, the BB might contain only some/none of the Hi-Liters.


as The Hamiltones (George Vereen & The) – You Are My Lovely One, ’58 (Hico 2435)
as The Hamiltones (Wiseman Moon & The) – Rock A Billy Hop, ’58 (Hico 2435)
Scans were found for both sides as posted.


The group transformed from the Hi-Liters to LA to record as the Stereos. An obit for Calvin Williams said, after the Hi-Liters, he toured with the Four Knights before joining the Stereos. Group members for the Stereos might be the same as the other groups.

became Stereos (LA)
– My Heart/ You Left Me Forsaken, ’62 (Robin Nest 101)
– Don’t Cry Darling/ Run Sinner Run, ’62 (Robin Nest 1588)


Hi-Liters (Chicago) – Bobby Sox Baby/ Hello Dear, ’56 (Vee Jay 184)

(Book listed as High Liters.)

and as Hi Lighters (Chicago) – Feeling Alright, ’84 (Charly LP 1115 (1-5))

(As/liner notes on 45cat, this is the Hi-Liters group on Vee-Jay.)



Hi-Liters (NY Pop Group) – You Must Come In At The Door/ Dance Everyone, Dance, ’58 (Hanover 4506)

(Book listed as Hi-Lighters.)



Hi-Liters (North Carolina) (Lead Vocal by Joe Franklin) – Dance Me To Death, ’58 (Mercury (Chicago Ill.) 71342) (Book listed as Hi-Lighters.)

Hi-Liters (North Carolina) (Lead Vocal by Daryl Petty) – Cha Cha Rock, ’58 (Mercury (Chicago Ill.) 71342)


Hi-Liters (North Carolina) – Big Bad Wolf (Mercury-Unissued)


Hi-Liters (North Carolina) as Joe Franklin (w The Hi-Liters)

– Who Put The Pep In The Punch/ True Blue, ’59 (Renown 113)

– Swanee River Rock/ The Belle Of Tennessee, ’60 (Renown 114)



Hi-Liters (Unknown Grp) – Dunkin’ Boy, ’75 (Monogram 101)

(Flip is ‘Come Back My Love’ by a group credited as ‘Monograms’.)



Hi Liters (Buddy Roberts & The) – Ding Dong/ Black And Blue, ’60 (Bonanza 689-690)


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