Hi Lighters, Highlighters, Hi-Lighters

Hi Lighters (Chicago) – Feeling Alright, ’84 (Charly LP 1115 (1-5))

(As/liner notes on 45cat, this is the Hi-Liters group on Vee-Jay.)



Highlighters (Manhattan) – Christmas Is Coming At Last/ White Christmas, ’48 (Apollo 1141) (No scans found.)



Highlighters (Toledo) as Fred Harris’ Red Tops Organ Trio (Highlighters-Vocals) – Flang Dang Do/ The Bull, ’58 (New Song 115-116)


Highlighters (Toledo) as Fred Harris’ Red Tops Organ Trio (Highlighters-Vocals) – Well, ’59 (New Song 133)

Highlighters (Toledo) as Fred Harris’ Red Tops – Las Vegas Drive {I}, ’59 (New Song 133)



Highlighters (Indianapolis) (Walter Webb & The) – Your Time Is Gonna Come, ’70 (Chess 2091)

Highlighters (Indianapolis)Lulu, ’70 (Chess 2091)



Hi-Lighters (Wen Dee Group) – Route 66/ Baby! Don’t You Treat Me That Way, ’55 (Wen Dee 1927) (Book spelled in error as Hi-Liters.)



Hi-Lighters (NJ) (Jimmy Hall & The) – Jeannie/ At The Hippety Hop, ’59 (Cannon 369-370)

(Book lists as Highlighters (2).  No scans were found and artist spelling is unconfirmed.)


Hi-Lighters (NJ) – Mi Amor/ Sweet Little Baby Of Mine, ’59 (Cannon 371-372 (M580488))

(Book listed as Five Hi Lighters.  Label scan found credits artist as Hi-Lighters.)


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