Hi Fives & Hi-Fives

Hi Fives (NY) – Hong Kong/ Throwing Pebbles In The Pond, ’56 (Flair-X 3000) (Book listed as Hi-Fives (1))



Hi-Fives (NJ)

– My Friend/ How Can I Win, ’58 (Decca 30576)

– Dorothy/ Just A Shoulder To Cry On, ’58 (Decca 30657)

– What’s New, What’s New/ Lonely, ’58 (Decca 30744)



Hi-Fives (Hollywood Label) – Felicia {I}/ Windy City Special, ’60 (Bingo 1006) (Book listed as part of (2) group.)



Hi-Fives (NYC Label) – Julie/ Son Of Raunchy, ’64 (Bell 634)


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