Heartbreakers Groups

Heartbreakers (Washington DC)

– Heartbreaker/ Wanda, ’51 (RCA 4327)

– I’m Only Fooling My Heart/ You’re So Necessary To Me, ’51 (RCA 4508)

– Why Don’t I/ Rockin’ Daddy-O, ’52 (RCA 4662)

– There Is Time/ It’s Ok With Me, ’52 (RCA 4849 & Vik 4849-bootleg)


Except Roadhouse 1010, sources say these sides were recorded in 1952.  The book listed them as Unreleased Bootlegs.

  • All Roadhouse scans were found.

Heartbreakers (Washington DC) (w TNT Tribble Orch) – Cry Wind Cry/ I Swear By All The Stars Above, ’73 (Roadhouse 1007)

Heartbreakers (Washington DC)

– Hey Baby/ I Only Want To Be Your Guy, ’73 (Roadhouse 1008)

– Heartbreaker/ Embraceable You, ’74 (Roadhouse 1010)

  • Label indicates a Live recording in 1951.

– Is It Real/ Ain’t Nothin’ Shakin’ (The Wind Ain’t Blowin’ Tonight), ’74 (Roadhouse 1011)

– Goodbye Baby/ We’re Gonna Have Some Fun, ’74 (Roadhouse 1012)

Don’t Stop Baby, ’74 (Roadhouse 1014)

  • Flip ‘I Wonder Who’s Calling Her Now’ by Twilighters (w Eddie Swanston Quintette).

– I’m Seeking Revenge, ’74 (Roadhouse 1023)

– Good Rockin’ Daddy, ’74 (Outhouse 101X)

  • Scan found.


Heartbreakers (Washington-Unconfirmed) (Allen Austin & The) – She’s Gone/ I Don’t Want Nobody (Broadcast 998)

  • Seller says ‘early 50s’ and pressed in 70s.
  • These titles are listed on some discographies as unreleased RCA sides.  Label scans are as by Allen Austin & The Heartbreakers.
    • If there is an association between the Washington group and Allen Austin it is unknown.


Heartbreakers (Bronx NY) – Come Back My Love (Recorded Live at The Apollo-1956), ’64 (Fordham 109 & Vanguard 9093, ’75)

Heartbreakers (Bronx NY) (Lead Paul Himmelstein)

– One, Two, I Love You/ Without A Cause, ’57 (Vik 0261)

– Love You ‘Till The Day I Die/ My Love, ’57 (Vik 0299)


Heartbreakers (Shreveport Louisiana) (TV Slim & His) – Darling Remember/ Flatfoot Sam, ’57 (Clif 103 & Checker 870, ’57)


Heartbreakers (Los Angeles) – Since You’ve Been Gone/ John Law, ’62 (Markay 106)

  • A-side writing credits: Robert Tisby-Edward Le Jay.
  • No scan for ‘John Law.’


On CD Magic #1001 ‘Sly Stone The Doo Wop Years’, the Markay #106 titles are listed asby Sly Stone & Group.

  • The liner notes, however, state there is no Sly Stone nor Viscaynes involvement.


Heartbreakers (NY) (With Teacho Wiltshire & Orchestra) (ref Veronica Bennett) – The Willow Wept/ You Had Time, ’63 (Atco 6258)


Heartbreakers (Girl Group) – It’s Hard Being A Girl/ Special Occasions, ’63 (MGM 13129)

  • Have not heard either side.


Heartbreakers (East LA) – Everytime I See You/ Cradle Rock, ’63 (Donna 1381)

  • Writing credit for ‘Everytiime I See You’ is Frank Zappa.
  • Gms: Benny Rodriguez and Joe Rodriguez.


Heartbreakers (East LA) (Acc The Romancers) – I’m Leaving It All Up To You/ Corrida Mash, ’63 (Brent 7037)


Heartbreakers (East LA) (BB The Mixtures-uncredited) – Please Answer/ She Is My Baby, ’64 (Linda 114)

  • A-side writing credit Benny Rodriguez.