Headliners Groups

Headliners (NY)

– BI Moore/ Comin’ On Down With Love, ’62 (Beltone 2020)

– Comin’ On Down With Love, ’94 (Relic CD 7066 #10)

On Relic LP 5028 (Best Of Beltone), Comin’ On Down (unreleased) is credited asby the Cameos, recording date April 17 1962.  Relic CD #7066 (a reissue of #5028 with 7 additional tracks), credits ‘Comin’ Down With Love’ to the The Headliners.  I’ve heard versions of this song (either title) and both are the same.  If the Cameos and the Headliners are not the same group, could someone please post both versions on youtube.



Headliners (Pittsburgh) (George Goodman & His)

– Let Me Love You/ Let Me Love You {I}, ’64 (Val 1)

– Let Me Love You/ Let Me Love You {I}, ’65 (Warner Bros 5632)

– I’m So Tired, ’65 (Warner Bros 5632) (Book lists as the b-side release.  No scan found.)

– Starlight And Moonbeams/ I’m So Tired, ’65 (Val 3)


as George Goodman’s Headliners – I’ll Cherish Your Love/ Secret Love, ’65 (Val 5)


Headliners (Pittsburgh) (George Goodman & The) – Need You/ Starlight And Moonbeams, ’65 (Val 6)


Headliners (Pittsburgh) – Let Me Love You/ I’m So Tired, ’66 (Val 1000 & A&M 1011, ’68)



Headliners (Keno) – Back To School Again/ Traveler, Traveler (Keno 1002) (Book dated N/A.)


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