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Carl Spencer (& Group) – Tired Of Work/ Prayer, ’61 (Southside 1002)

  • Book listed BB as the Halos (NY), but dated 1959.
    • A ‘news item’ @ 45cat indicates the label came into being in 1961.
  • A second entry under ‘Carl Spencer’ lists the label # as 1007 and dates 1962.
    • No BB is credited on this entry.
  • An Arthur Crier/Halos bio (see Marv Goldberg) do not mention the Halos backing these releases.


Halos (NY)


Halos (NY)

– Nag/ Copy Cat, ’61 (7 Arts 709)

– What’d I Say/ Come On, ’61 (7 Arts 720)

– Village Of Love/ Mean Old World, ’62 (Trans Atlas 690)


Halos (NY) – Warwick LP W2046 (1962)

Side 1: Nag, Your Precious Love, Bird Dog, I Went To A Party, Copy Cat, If I Had Known.

Side 2: What’d I Say, Mean Old World, Down The Road, Crazy Bells, Oh What A Night, Come On.


as Craftys

L-O-V-E, ’61 (Lois 5000)

  • Flip ‘You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby’ is by the Candysticks.
  • See Comment.

– L-O-V-E/ Heartbreaking World, ’61 (7 Arts S 708)


as Craftys (Musical Acc: The Ragin Storms) – Zoom Zoom Zoom/ I Went To A Party, ’62 (Elmor 310)

  • ‘I Went To A Party’ (Warwick LP 2046) is credited as Halos.


Halos (NY) backing Cammy Carol (BV The Halos) – Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind/ Until The Day I Die, ’61 (Elmor 302)


by Curtis Lee – Pretty Little Angel Eyes/ Gee How I Wish You Were Here, ’61 (Dunes 2007)

  • BV by The Halos-uncredited.


Johnny Angel & The Halos (NY)

– Lady Of Spain/ Without Her Heart (I Got A Letter Today), ’61 (Felsted 8633)

– (If I Had) One More Tomorrow/ The Mashed Potato Stomp, ’62 (Felsted 8646)

– Roller-Motion/ Looking For A Fool, ’62 (Felsted 8659)


Halos (The Other Groups)


Ernie (Spano) & The Halo’s (South Philadelphia) – Girl From Across The Sea (Angel Marie)/ Darlin!!! Don’t Make Me Cry, ’63 (Guyden 2085)

  • Different group than NY Halos/Craftys.


Halos (NY-Female Group)

– Do I/ Just Keep On Loving Me, ’65 (Congress 244 & Con-Gress 244X)

– Since I Fell For You/ You’re Never Gonna Find, ’65 (Congress 249)

– Baby What You Want Me To Do/ Hey Hey Love Me, ’65 (Congress 253)

– Come Softly To Me/ He’s Just Too Much, ’66 (Congress 262)

  • Not listed in the book.  See 45cat for label scan.


Gms: Toni Mason (lead), Barbara Allbut, Phyllis (Jiggs) Allbut.


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