Halliquins (ref Carusos) – Confession Of Love (2:25)/ Haunting Memories (2:15), ’58 (Juanita 102 & Early Bird 004, ’96)


Carusos (w Frank (Dual Trumpet) Motley & His Crew) (ref Halliquins)  – Confessions Of Love (2.07)/ Haunting Memories (1:32), ’74 (Roadhouse 1020) (See link for label scan.  The b-side sounds like a ‘take.’)


The book listed in error as the ‘Harlequins’ on the Juanita label.  Label scans for Juanita and Early Bird are ‘Halliquins.’


About 1953, a group called the Carusos (gms include Henry Mont) taped these songs originally for Lillian Claiborne, owner of a Washington recording studio.  The unreleased sides were issued on Roadhouse in 1974.


In 1958, the titles were resung (assuming by the Carusos group or some members of this group) and released on the Juanita label and credited as the Halliquins.  Other than the taped versions timing differences and energy, the singer sounds the same.


The above details about these two songs is garnered from an article by uncamarvy.com/Rainbows/rainbows.html, label scans and hearing all four songs.


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    • The Carusos’ scans support the articles I’ve read. Post changed to reflect Frank (Dual Trumpet Motley & His Crew) which does not appear on the Juanita label.

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