Carusos (w Frank (Dual Trumpet) Motley & His Crew) (ref Halliquins) – Confessions Of Love (2.07)/ Haunting Memories (1:32), ’74 (Roadhouse 1020)

  • About 1953, a group called the ‘Carusos’ (gms include Henry Mont) taped these songs originally for Lillian Claiborne, owner of a Washington recording studio.
  • The unreleased sides were issued on Roadhouse in 1974.
  • See the link in ‘comments’ for label scan.


Halliquins (ref Carusos) – Confession Of Love (2:25)/ Haunting Memories (2:15), ’58 (Juanita 102 & Early Bird 004, ’96)

  • In 1958, the titles were resung (assumed by the Carusos group or some members of this group) and released on the Juanita label and credited as the Halliquins.
  • Label scans for Juanita and Early Bird are ‘Halliquins.’
  • The book listed in error as the ‘Harlequins’ on the Juanita label.


The above details about these two songs is garnered from an article by uncamarvy.com/Rainbows/rainbows.html, label scans and hearing all four songs.


2 thoughts on “Halliquins/Carusos

    • The Carusos’ scans support the articles I’ve read. Post changed to reflect Frank (Dual Trumpet Motley & His Crew) which does not appear on the Juanita label.

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