Hi Tensions/Hi-Tensions

as Hi-Tensions – The Clock/ So Far Away, ’60 (K&G 101)

  • Seller lists gms as Bobby Parker, David Cook, Jack Johnson, Roy Haggins & Sonny Allen.


Hi Tensions (w The Downbeats) (ref Chuck Daniels) – The Clock/ So Far Away, ’60 (Audio 201)

  • Audio #201 was released after H&G.


as Angels – A Real Sensation/ I’m Sayin’ Good-Bye, ’60 (Audio 203)

  • Done during the same Hi Tensions session as Audio 201 but released as by The Angels.


Hi Tensions

– Wedding Song (If You Say I Do) (Unreleased))

– Old Times (Unreleased))

– Traveling Lady (Unreleased))

– Come What May (Unreleased))


The book listed the above as Milestone-unreleased with the date N/A.

  • These titles appear on Milestone 1003 & Relic 5061 ‘The Golden Groups – Part 37’ (The Best Of Milestone Records.)


Hi Tensions – Got A Good Feeling/ Ebbing Of The Tide, ’63 (Milestone 2018)


Hi Tensions – She’ll Break Your Heart/ Mary Had A Little Lamb, ’64 (Whirlybird 2005)

  • Book listed B-Side as ‘Mary Had A Little Man.’
  • Scans are ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb.’


Hi Tensions-uncredited backing Leon Peels – A Casual Kiss/ Cottonhead Joe, ’64 (Whirlybird 2002 & Relic LP 5064 B04/B06, ’87)


Leon Peels (Vocal Acc The Hi Tensions) – A Magic Island, ’64 (Whirlybird 2008 & Relic LP 5064 B01, ’87) 

Leon Peels – Darlene, ’64 (Whirlybird 2008 & Relic LP 5064 B05, ’87)


2 thoughts on “Hi Tensions/Hi-Tensions

    • The Hi Tensions were another part of our good memories.

      Thanks for asking what happened to them. I don’t know where they are now.

      Does anyone else know?

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